Anatomie’s customers love our brand for so many reasons – the enduring sense of style that our clothing provides, the functionality that allows our outfits to be worn for such a huge range of sporting activities and the flattering cuts that ensure that each woman wearing Anatomie always feels at her best, to name but a few.

We are touched that so many women have taken time out of their busy lives to contact us in order to share what it is that they love about Anatomie. From globe-trotting travellers to mothers with a young brood and a busy schedule, our customers have one thing in common: their passion for Anatomie.

Our designer clothing range enables women to look fantastic, whatever the occasion, but don’t just take our word for it – read the testimonials below to find out what our customers really think. If you want to send us your Anatomie testimonial, we will gladly publish it.


I was introduced to Anatomie at a gym that was hosting an Anatomie Trunk Show.  I have been in sales for many years and was visiting my account on that day.  I fell in love with the line and recognized the quality, function and fashionable style of the line immediately.


I firmly believe in the line as I am the target customer for the Anatomie.  I am active and live a very busy life raising two boys age 8 and 11.  I enjoy being in comfortable, stylish quality clothing, and must be to keep up with them :)  I love the ease of the clothes and how everything coordinates so well.  I know that when I am in my Anatomie I can attend a school meeting, have lunch with friends, see my customers or go out in the evening and still look well dressed and feel great.


  Tara Baker

I have to tell you, that your pants are the BEST!  Seriously.  I thought they would lose the rich color when I washed them so I held off, but I was so surprised that such little dye came out in the wash. I’ll be saving up to buy another pair in grey for a SE Asia trip soon — the color looks so versatile for travel.


Thanks for making such a great product.  I wish everything I bought exceeded by expectations like these.


I put on the new white custom made Anatomie jacket and pant for my afternoon appointment! Anatomie is the only company that makes travel clothes for women and will make custom alterations for me!
  Julie Kyte

I think I’ve found my favorite new brand of travel clothing!
 Emily Starbuck Crone, Maiden Voyage Blogger

My name is Joanna Shore and I am 35 years old, in retail business since 2000. After short career in make-up artistry I went on to be a manager of Personal Shopping at Bloomingdale’s. After meeting Kate at one of her trunk shows in 2009 I quickly realized that Anatomie is a category of clothing much needed in modern women’s life.

The ultimate travel clothes for women!

Now, Anatomie is my passion and I really appreciate the creativity and unique style that Anatomie provides in their womens clothing designs. Not to mention flexibility for this wife and mother of a 2 year old daughter, Charlotte!

  Joanna Shore


We have just arrived back from Peru and we had an amazing time – Peru was really an incredible country, the people were so nice and the food was delicious (which after being on Seadream for 3 weeks wasnt such a good thing!!!).

You can see I am attaching a photo of me at Macchu Picchu wearing your wonderful outfit!! Anatomie’s travel clothes for women are just the thing I was looking for !

I told everyone on Seadream where I got your wonderful clothes from so I hope you get some interest from that.


My name is Katy Marie D’Agostino. I am 33 years old. The handsome man in the picture with me is my supportive and loving husband Mike. Mike has been the Golf Professional at Penfield Country Club for 11 years. Prior to that he was the assistant at Penfield for 8 years.We have been blessed with two fun, healthy and spirited children. Our daughter Maria Teresa is 6 years old, and our son Anthony Hawk is 2 years old.

Anatomie was brought into my life by the golf professional at Deering Bay Country Club, Chris Krause. Chris and his family are like family to us. Deering Bay has been the location of some Anatomie trunk shows and sold in the golf shop. Kate Boyer, the owner of Anatomie, was talking with Chris about showcasing Anatomie more in the Northeast and I am so grateful that Chris thought of me! The past few years I have been saying that I would enjoy working with a company that targeted the golf industry as I have been “Grandfathered” into the business through marriage. And then this opportunity with Anatomie came to me on this shiny silver platter.

Should I try it? Kate sent me some clothing samples, and I was hooked.

Fast forward like 2 weeks and I was flying to Miami to meet Kate and shadow her at The Ocean Reef trunk show in Key Largo. Talk about a high intensity learning experience! Kate greeted me with a warm embrace and a friendly smile and made me feel at ease. In my mind I was thinking I would be a fool to miss out on this opportunity.  I have an extraordinary product to sell (that I love), a great boss, a flexible schedule, getting to socialize with people and make them feel good about the way they look and make money. What is not to love?

Currently, I am starting my 10th year at The Argyle Grill, a restaurant at Eaglevalle Golf Course. I am a jack of all trades there, but the late nights are tiring. My postition there has allowed me to be a “stay at home mom”, but still make a decent living. So I am home during the day, but working most nights.

When both kids are in school, it would be silly for me to be working lots of nights.

Time for a career change? It’s time for ANATOMIE!!

 Kathryn Carney

I love wearing Anatomie during Yoga!
 Mia Foley

I was introduced to Anatomie Sportswear when Kate Boyer did a trunk show at the fitness club I was managing.


I fell in love with the line as did my members!! As a manager I could wear the pants and jackets and look professional, then kick off my jacket and shoes and teach a yoga class if needed as the fabric is stretchy, and dries quickly.

When I left the Corporate fitness business, and was still ordering Anatomie, Kate asked me if I would be interested in representing the line in Arizona. Due to my professional contacts in the fitness business as well as personal friends that love the line, I am happily busy and loving it!

I am married with 4 grown children and 2 grandchildren. I’m 55 years old and do in-home personal training in addition to traveling and doing trunk shows for Anatomie.

The line is amazing, and I wear it almost every day!! It is a contemporary sleek line of clothing that washes and wears well, great for packing and always looks appropriate! My daughter who is 27 and mom who is 68 loves and wears it too. There is something for everyone in this versatile line!

 Anatomie Fan

Thank you for this email with the great suggestions in Maui. We will definitely try these activities, they all sound fabulous!


I will make sure to see your friends at the spa and check out your selection there. I am so glad I found your brand and I am looking forward to wearing the clothes on the airplane and while in Hawaii. There were so many items that I liked on your website, it was hard to narrow it down. I am sure I will find some additional pieces that I love at the spa.

I will make sure to send a picture wearing your brand while in Hawaii. Thank you, again, for your help and wonderful service.

You, and your brand, have exceeded my expectations in every way.

 Elizabeth Corneliuson McCaffrey