At Anatomie we work hard to design travel wear and sportswear that looks stunning, fits beautifully and flatters the female form, while perfectly suiting the function for which each piece is designed. That might mean using the latest breathable fabrics for our range of golfing attire or ensuring the perfect cut for our clothing items designed for overnight plane journeys.


We are proud of each design that we create and love to share our successes by working with members of the press. We are also happy to talk about what it is that originally inspired us to create Anatomie and that continues to inspire us each and every day.

Some useful snippets of information have been provided below, but if you would like to know more please feel free to contact us directly. We look forward to speaking to you.

 Kate Boyer



Kate and Shawn Boyer are the creative team behind Anatomie. They both come from design backgrounds, with Anatomie giving them the perfect opportunity to pool their skills and create truly elegant clothes for the modern woman.

Kate came to the US from Hungary via France, where she specialized in creating high performance sportswear while studying for her MBA in International Trade. Shawn’s background is as a designer of fashion apparel for hard-to-fit athletic men in Miami.

By combining their talents, Kate and Shawn’s vision for a truly sophisticated, sexy range of designer travel wear for women was brought to life.




Anatomie is the result of Kate and Shawn Boyer’s innovative partnership. It is a designer travel wear and sportswear collection for the modern woman. The brand allows women to explore the planet at their leisure, engaging in a wide range of activities while always looking absolutely perfect.

By blending high performance, ultra-modern fabrics with classic designs and form-flattering cuts, the Anatomie range has built up a well-deserved reputation for its stunning yet functional and durable pieces. At its core, Anatomie is about encapsulating the glamour and style that every woman wishes to achieve, no matter where she may be or what she may be doing.




Designer travel wear is, essentially, designer attire that women can actually wear. Whereas many designer pieces prioritize form over function, Anatomie ensures the perfect balance of both – so the brand’s clothing looks and feels ultra-luxurious, yet is produced from machine-washable fabrics that won’t fade over time.

This is what makes Anatomie the perfect solution for the modern woman. The attire embodies style and elegance, yet each piece is sturdy enough to stand up to activities as varied as skiing holidays, sailing weekends and African safaris.

Anatomie’s designer travel wear is designed with the customer in mind during every step of the process – from the materials we choose to the patterns we create. If a design doesn’t achieve the perfect combination of functional and fashionable, we take it back to the drawing board and start again until we know that each and every piece is absolutely perfect.




To make it convenient for members of the Press, we can send you a Dropbox folder packed with useful logos, high resolution images and the full Anatomie media kit. Please feel free to  contact us to get access to the Dropbox folder or if you desire anything specific.




Anatomie’s has a wide fan-base, with customers across the world. The Anatomie woman is typically affluent and well-travelled with, of course, excellent taste in clothing. She likes to travel in style and comfort and engages in a wide range of activities, from weekends in the Hamptons to tours of Europe.

Anatomie’s customers are well-versed in the latest designs coming out of leading European fashion capitals such as Paris and Milan and demand the same level of quality and sophistication from each of their Anatomie purchases. They have elegant tastes and like to experience the best the world has to offer. Naturally at Anatomie we are only too happy to comply with their desires and exceed their expectations with every piece we produce.