Last year. prior to being introduced to a new organization, I was asked to complete a questionnaire about myself.  Only one question was a no brainer for me...please describe my dream job. My immediate answer was, and still is, "I am already living it!".
Seventeen years ago I was asked to join  a direct sales luxury fashion brand & I jumped at the chance.  This opportunity presented  me with a road map, or should I say pattern, to sew together   my love of fashion, my past career in sales & my educational background as a counselor.  Three years later I was blessed with another exciting adventure & opened my own store, Worth Avenue in Memphis TN.
It has been both fun,  & a challenge to source affordable, diverse & quality brands to present to my clients.  Anatomie does just that!  In the ever changing world of fashion, Anatomie is positioned to wardrobe our clients at Worth Avenue who are looking for both comfort and style with a minimum of care without sacrificing quality of craftsmanship or fabric.  I am proud to say that Anatomie is able to do this while being both environmentally conscious & affordable.  We are proud to introduce Anatomie to Memphis & the surrounding areas of Mississippi & Arkansas.