Corporate Social Responsibility

Anatomie exists to empower and inspire – we prioritize the human, the women, the individual – any race, any age, any shape, any size. We always do what we can within our reach. 

Make a purchase. Make a difference.

OUR COMPANY - Anatomie was founded on a code of ethics centered on social responsibility extending across all aspects of the company, from our people and our brand, to our business and our operation.

OUR CAUSES - in alignment with operating a socially responsible business, Anatomie is committed to giving back to our communities and support a variety of charitable causes to advance society and the environment.

OUR PEOPLE - with an employee-base representing more than 12 countries, Anatomie champions diversity and inclusion from embracing all national origins, religious preferences, and the LGBTQ community.

OUR PRACTICES - Anatomie holds our wage & employment practices to the highest of standards, positioning our people first, from our employees and our contractors to our partners and our shareholders.

OUR PRODUCTS - at the heart of Anatomie is our products centered on our long-term vision of timeless clean fashion; anti fast fashion. Safe fabrics, neutral color substances, and reusable plastics. No dry cleaning, no harmful chemicals.

OUR LIFECYCLE - with Anatomie designed for functional fashion such as wrinkle-free, iron-free, quick dry and stain resistant, the lifetime product performance lifecycle is greatly extended, reducing end-of-life waste.

OUR FOOTPRINT - based on an international operation, the Anatomie supply chain positions our garment assembly teams in close proximity to our distribution channels, minimizing our operating carbon footprint.