What To Wear On A Safari: Fashionable Safari Clothes

What To Wear On A Safari: Fashionable Safari Clothes

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12 Apr, 2018


Whether you’re heading to Tanzania for the Serengeti wildebeest migration or gearing up to spot the Big Five in South Africa’s Kruger National Park, it’s important to pack the right safari clothing. Think: lightweight layers in earthy neutrals that can handle chilly mornings and evenings, but keep you cool when the blazing sun heats up the reserve.



 (Pictured: Kiersten Rich of theBlondeAbroad.com)

For over a decade, Anatomie has specialized in women’s safari clothing that’s not only functional, but also stylish.

“We consult with safari experts when designing our travel clothing, as Anatomie must stay practical and user-friendly,” says CEO Kate Boyer. “But our customers are our biggest inspiration. We often say they are the brand; we are just their packaging!”



 Customers from all over the world are flocking to the Miami-based brand for their chic safari clothing. Year-round, Anatomie offers a collection of women’s safari clothing crafted in luxurious French and Italian fabrics that are lightweight, breathable, ultra-comfortable and offer UPF 50+ protection. But don’t let the luxury label mislead you; this safari attire is extremely durable and can even be hand-washed in a hotel sink.

A pair of safari pants, such as the lightweight Skyler Travel Pant, will air dry in two hours or can be blow dried in a mere seven minutes. No ironing is every required, as Anatomie specializes in wrinkle-free travel clothing that you can wear all day and even sleep in on an overnight flight.

 (Pictured: Kiersten Rich of theBlondeAbroad.com)

Lightweight travel clothing is key on any vacation, but especially on safari as many small planes that fly into the safari camps have weight restrictions.

Consider that one pair of safari pants weighs 0.6 pounds; two pairs weigh less than a banana. You could pack seven pieces of safari wear in your carry-on—two pairs of safari pants, two safari jackets, two safari shirts and one safari vest—and it would only weigh four pounds. Plus you’d be set for a week-long trip thanks to the easy mix-and-matchability of Anatomie’s timelessly chic designs.



Teresa Pemberton-Jouany recently spotted mating lions and slept alongside elephants on an eight-day trek through Kenya’s Maasai Mara National Reserve and the Matthews Range—and her Anatomie safari clothing was with her every step of the way.

Anatomie Safari Clothing

“Because of the long days in safari jeeps, Anatomie was the best for comfort. There was no time to be uncomfortable in jeans or tight-fitting clothing,” says the Tampa-based makeup artist. “I also felt it was important to look chic on safari. You want to look your best in those memories that are captured by photos and video!”

Staying Comfortable for Long Days in Safari Jeeps

Optimal Safari Clothing Colors


What are the optimal safari colors? Boyer recommends safari clothing in a palette of khaki, grey and green. “The colors are neutral and blend into nature so animals don’t notice you,” she says. “It’s important not to disturb the wildlife.”

Avoid bright colors such as red that entice the animals and stay away from white and black. “Black and white attract mosquitoes and bugs,” says Boyer. “They are like bugs on steroids and will bite through your shirt. Locals hang black flags to attract all the mosquitoes into one spot.”

 Linda Drozdow packed only a carry-on of Anatomie safari clothing in shades of grey, green, tan and beige for a two-week safari in South Africa and Botswana.

Andrea Legging

“My Anatomie clothing was the best because I could layer the outfits to be warmer or cooler,” says the Pilates and gyrotonic instructor from Golden Beach, Florida. And like many Anatomie customers, she is wearing the lightweight, wrinkle-free designs not just for travel, but for every day. “I have been wearing Anatomie for probably 10 years or longer,” she says. “I love the way it wears, feels and breathes—especially in the hot humidity of South Florida!”



When it comes down to packing, Anatomie has simplified what to wear on safari. Take it from Boyer, who went on a 10-day trek in Tanzania to see the great migrations last year with just a backpack filled with ten Anatomie pieces folded compactly in two of the brand’s signature packing cubes.

She recommends packing the following safari clothing, in addition to a pair of hiking boots and a wide-brimmed hat, for your next great adventure:

 A pair of lightweight Kate Skinny Cargo Pants, Skyler Travel Pants, McCall Travel Pants or Celine Ankle Pants in khaki and grey

Kate Skinny Cargo PantSkyler Travel PantCeline Ankle PantMcCall Travel Pant


A Kenya Safari Jacket 

Kenya Safari Jacket

A Merika Windbreaker Travel Jacket

Merika Lightweight Windbreaker

The Delaney Travel Vest or other quilted vest for layering

Delaney Lightweight Travel Vest

Anatomie's breathable tops such as the Kim Mesh-Sleeve Top

Kim Lightweight Mesh Top

Check out Anatomie’s safari packing list.

Not sure of your size in a pair of safari pants or whether a safari shirt will be long enough to tuck in? We’d love to help!

Please contact us for advice by calling 305.576.1900 or by emailing us at style@anatomie.com




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