What to Pack for a Ski Resort Holiday

What to Pack for a Ski Resort Holiday

Anatomie Blog
30 Oct, 2019

With the end of the year fast approaching, the season of winter sports is in full force. You can make the most of a long weekend or winter vacation with a quick getaway to an upscale ski resort to enjoy the snow in proper fashion.

As you prepare for your escape to a luxurious ski resort, it’s important to pack the right apparel so you can maintain a balance between comfortable warmth and sophistication throughout the holiday. With the best winter fashion from Anatomie, you can stay classy while hitting the slopes.

Whether you’re heading to a top-notch American destination – such as Aspen, Vail, or Beaver Creek in Colorado or Big Sky, Montana – or going big with international travel to Switzerland or France, prepare properly for your adventure with inventory that includes these key elegant yet versatile pieces from Anatomie:

1. Marley Vegan Suede Jacket

Ski Resort Essential Marley Vegan Suede Jacket

Made in Italy, the Marley Vegan Suede Jacket is the perfect outerwear to pack and wear during your holiday at an upscale ski resort. The fabric is heavy enough to keep you warm, but flexible enough to accommodate outdoor sports. The sophisticated fit is styled in vegan