Hey all. Skyler here, in beautiful, sunny Honololu.

As one of Anatomie’s bestselling pants, I do a ton of traveling all over the world. I mean, why not? I’m lightweight, comfortable, easy to care for and look amazing wherever I go.

Right now I’m rocking the orangina look in Waikiki Beach. The color is so perfect in this lush, tropical setting. I’m dressy enough to stroll into all the shops and restaurants, but roll me up and lose the heels and I’m ready for a walk on the beach. The other night I teamed up with the Tatiana Tank in white and a gorgeous flower lei for a luau with the family. Tomorrow it’s off to the North Shore to check out the surfers, take selfies with sea turtles, hike Waimea Valley and visit the authentic island villages at the Polynesian Cultural Center. The Isadora Tank and a pair of sneakers plan on joining me. And on the 12-hour flight home, you can bet I’ll be just as comfortable as yoga pants or sweatpants. Without you know, looking like yoga pants or sweatpants.

It’s going to be so hard to leave this weather! During the day it’s in the ’80s and at night it’s a bit cooler when that island breeze kicks in. I’m fitting in perfectly here, as I’m designed of Anatomie’s signature curve-hugging stretch that’s ultra-lightweight, breathable and moisture-wicking. The other night I spilled a pineapple mojito on myself—luckily it came right out with some soap and cold water in the hotel sink. And can you believe I dried in 20 minutes?

Anyway, time to run. The catamaran cruise around the island is leaving now. Gotta grab my Merika Windbreaker and catch the sunset.

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