Jet-setting with just a carry-on can be done. Lifestyle blogger Grace Silla describes how the right travel clothing makes that possible in a recent post on Fashion Edible: “Anatomie is a travel-friendly clothing brand that has developed the perfect formula for traveling lightly and stylishly. Some of their clothing is made in Italy (yessss) and all of it is lightweight, packs incredibly well and is quick drying.”

The carry-on devotee recent brought the Angel Top, Kenya Jacket and Andrea Legging on trips to Boston and Europe. “Anatomie’s pieces are classics and I love that you can easily add trendy accessories and shoes to them—one trip, I took boots and the other, my favorite slip-ons,” Grace writes. “They make great travel day outfits and if you’re not 100% into carry-on-only packing, they are perfect to bring along in your carry-on as an extra outfit in case you lose your luggage.”

Grace wore Anatomie all over Boston and London and found the Kenya Jacket to be her new favorite. “It’s light, but does a great job of keeping out the chill and it’s super flattering,” she writes. “The light gray color goes with pretty much everything.”

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