Discover la dolce vita in Abruzzo, a region in southern Italy known for its stunning mountain scenery in the west and beautiful beaches on the Adriatic Sea in the east. With an area of 4,156 square miles, it’s known as the greenest region in Europe, encompassing three national parks and 38 protected nature reserves. This lush refuge ensures the survival of 80% of Europe’s living species, including rare creatures such as the wading dotterel, golden eagle, Abruzzo chamois (goat antelope), Appenine wolf and the endangered Marsican brown bear. You’ll also find Calderone, Europe’s southernmost glacier.

 “Abruzzo is the region I like best,” says Italian native Cesario Mélé, Anatomie’s production manager who is now based in Budapest. “I love hiking in the national parks and visiting all the well-preserved medieval villages. If you like sports, the region offers everything and in all seasons.”

In the winter, a day of skiing in the mountains can be followed by a 40-minute drive down the coast for a sublime dinner. Think: spaghetti with seafood, followed by fresh fish and a complementary white wine such as Trebbiano d'Abruzzo 2009. “In the summer, you can enjoy and truly understand la dolce vita,” says Cesario. “It’s an attitude, a lifestyle that characterizes the people of Italy.” Family is very important, as is eating well and enjoying a glass of wine with friends every now and then. “We love enjoying our life slowly. In other words, ‘il dolce far niente’—the beauty of life.”

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