You know that Anatomie is insanely comfortable and durable…but did you realize it can handle handstands, backbends and standing splits? Cirque du Soleil performer Sierra Sapunar proved that during a recent photo shoot in Las Vegas when she demonstrated awe-inspiring moves in pieces like The Budah Mesh Top and Kate Pant. “The quality and comfort is amazing,” says Sierra, who performs in The Beatles LOVE five days a week and runs entertainment company Posh Productions (check it out at or @poshproductionslv). “The pants are really flexible, lightweight and slimming—especially on athletes who have bigger legs. They’re stylish too. They can be workout pants or going-out pants.”

Sierra sat down with Anatomie to chat about the Cirque lifestyle.

How long have you been a Cirque performer?

“I’ve been performing for over 10 years in Las Vegas. For two years I was in Les Folies Bergère, the famous cabaret show that closed after a 50-year run. I’ve been in Cirque du Soleil for eight years—first in Viva Elvis, then I’ve been in The Beatles LOVE for the past four and a half years.”

Obviously not everyone makes it to Cirque status. Tell us about your path to get here…

“I’m from California and I left home when I was young to train for the Sydney 2000 Olympics as a gymnast. I missed the Olympic team. At the time I was the top in the country, but I got injured and I didn’t even have a chance. I ended up getting a college scholarship for gymnastics at the University of Georgia where my specialty was the uneven bars. That’s why Cirque du Soleil recruited me. They wanted taller girls who could swing on the high bars. They had seen me compete as a gymnast on the U.S. National Team when I was 13 to 18. I traveled all over the world—Russia, Australia. Fast forward to when I’m 24 and they called me about a role in Viva Elvis.”

 What’s it like being part of such a prestigious production?

“It’s a full-time job. It’s like any other job, but it’s your body. If you’re injured or sick, you can’t perform. A lot of people I work with are Olympic-level athletes. It’s the Olympics of the circus.”

How many performances are you in each week? Do you have practice sessions?

“I have shows five days a week. In the show, I do bungee cord, trampoline and dance. Then I work out every day. I do spin class. I lift weights. I take core class and Pilates.”

What do you do on your two days off?

“I have a company to run. Posh Productions is a one-stop shop for all entertainment needs from showgirls to Cirque du Soleil artists. I started it four years ago with my business partner. I go to the coffee shop and do work. I book aerial lifts at the Hard Rock Café, or girls who hang on trampolines, which is what I do.”

What were your initial impressions of Anatomie?

“I’d seen Anatomie through Peggy Laidlaw [Anatomie’s director of partnerships, Hawaii] who’s one of my best friends from growing up. She’s always worked in spas and whatever she uses is up-to-date and good quality. The quality and the comfort of Anatomie’s pants are amazing; they’re insane. The pants are really flexible, lightweight and slimming—especially on athletes who have bigger legs. They’re stylish too. They don’t wrinkle. They’re amazing!” 

Favorite pieces?

I love the Kate Skinny Cargo Pants. Those are my favorite ones. They’re hip. They’re really cute. They can be workout pants or they can be going-out pants. You can dress them up or dress them down. They’re so comfortable. They fit perfectly too and on an athletic body, that’s hard to do. Athletes always struggle with finding pants because of their extra muscle tone and smaller waists.

I also love the Budah Mesh Top. It’s comfortable and sheer. You can dress it up and you can work out in it. You can feel the quality!”

Tell us about wearing Anatomie to perform....why is it conducive to dance, gymnastic and aerial moves?

“With what we do, it’s easy to wear and tear. I go to Walmart and Target and buy workout clothes that look really cute, but I work out in them, or I’m swinging from the bungees and they rip. I did everything in these clothes. I did splits and handstands in Anatomie and they were fine. They’re great quality. And they look classy. After I get done with a workout, if I’m wearing Anatomie, I can go to a nice lunch because they look nice. It’s a whole great outfit you can wear out.”

Where else would you wear Anatomie?

“I think it’s great for travel, especially for performers who are on tour. Because of the comfort, easy care and wrinkle-free design. It looks nice for travel. You don’t want to look like you’re slumming it. Especially when you’re representing a high-end company.”