The Best Destinations to Visit in Spring 2020

The Best Destinations to Visit in Spring 2020

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29 Jan, 2020

Are you starting the new year and wondering where to travel in 2020? Spring has sprung, and from the gorgeous sakura fields of Japan to the ancient White City of Peru, there are stunning vistas waiting all around the globe for you to enjoy. Be sure to bring your Anatomie lightweight travel clothing to pack less and travel more.

Here are a few of the hottest destinations to travel to this spring, plus what Anatomie pieces to bring along for each location. A few of these might surprise you! 

Kyoto, Japan

While Japan is a beautiful country throughout the year, spring brings a special view that you won't find anywhere else. The sakura -- or cherry blossom tree -- is on full display during the Hanami Cherry Blossom Festivals where local parks have thousands of trees with pink and white blooms showing their glory. The temperate climate in Tokyo and the excitement you'll enjoy riding a bullet train can round out a great spring experience in this friendly and high-tech country. 

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Copenhagen, Denmark

The tourist season starts early in Denmark, but coming in the spring can help you beat the crowds to enjoy the gastronomic specialties of the region. If you want to check out one of the most beloved candies in Denmark, you won't want to miss the Liquorice Festival where you can enjoy the sweet and salty treat with the locals. 

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Arequipa, Peru

The backdrop of the volcanos and mountains makes Arequipa, Peru a top travel destination for 2020. This UNESCO World Heritage city is called the "White City" due to the abundance of gleaming structures which are manufactured from a specific type of volcanic rock. A laid-back lifestyle and a more rustic environment make Peru the ideal locale for adventure seekers looking to discover ancient artifacts and explore the fascinating history of the region. 

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