Anatomie Teams up With New Lifestyle Travel App, TheVane

Packing Help is Here! Anatomie Teams up With New Lifestyle Travel App, TheVane

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13 Oct, 2016

We’ve partnered with TheVane, a new lifestyle-focused iPhone app, Android app, and website with personalized advice on what to wear and pack for trips based on the weather, occasion, and activities planned. TheVane showcases a curated selection of clothing and accessory styles for inspiration and purchase. A social community, TheVane also allows users to save and share pack lists, and favorite styles with friends and followers.

Former management consultants Kirsten Anderson and Chubi Nwagbara initially founded TheVane with style-conscious, busy professionals in mind. No strangers to extensive business travel themselves, they’re working to eliminate the stress of packing for a trip and getting dressed everyday. 

TheVane's packing feature takes the stress out of packing. Users select the destination, dates, type of trip and activities planned, and TheVane generates an optimized packing list, in written and visual form. “My Sunday night packing ritual was always annoyingly time consuming and I never felt fully prepared for the week at the client site, especially if I wanted to fit in some leisure time,” Nwagbara explains.  He is not the only one with this problem: a UK-based study shows 72% of women overpack for trips, including an average of 26 extra items "just in case."

Daily decision-making turns out to be no less of an issue. The same study shows the average woman takes 16 minutes each weekday morning thinking about what to wear. “I hate when I am short on time and have to figure out what is not only right for the weather but also stylish. I always wish for some inspiration to break through this paralysis,” says Anderson.

Inspiration is plentiful on TheVane and comes in the form of separate feeds streaming recommended “laid back”, “casual chic”, “night out” and “wear to work” styles for both men and women. These looks are instantly shoppable directly on TheVane platform.

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