How to Master Sustainable Travel in 2020

How to Master Sustainable Travel in 2020

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21 Feb, 2020

Sustainability has become a major trend across many areas of life, including travel. Adventurers and travelers are seeking ways to continue journeying to faraway places without inflicting damage on natural and cultural environments.

How to Master Sustainable Travel in 2020

As you look forward to taking trips alone or with friends in 2020, you can join the minimalist travel movement and commit to being a more conscientious tourist. If you’re wondering how to travel with less and in a more sustainable way, here are five easy steps to get you started:

1. Avoid Buying "Travel-Sized" Toiletries

Single-use plastics are detrimental to the natural environment, and travel-sized toiletries are one of the major culprits. Although they can be convenient, you create a lot of waste if you buy new bottled toiletries for every trip.

Bite makes it easy to travel with "toothpaste" without buying single-use plastics

Instead, you can choose solid toiletries that travel well. Numerous companies produce solid versions of shampoo, conditioner, and sunblock, along with soap and tooth powder. At the very least, you should reuse your travel-sized bottles for multiple trips.

2. Choose Train Transportation or Carpooling

One way to master sustainable travel is to choose responsible and shared modes of transportation, such as trains.

Sustainable Travel Choose Train Transportation or Carpooling

You also can carpool with other tourists rather than driving a car by yourself, which not only saves you money on gasoline but also reduces your carbon footprint. When you’re visiting a new destination, use the public transportation to get around and explore.

3. Pack Less with Anatomie Clothing

Another minimalist travel tip is to simply pack less, which makes it easier to get around and creates less luggage that needs to be transported. To accomplish this, you must invest in versatile, multi-purpose apparel, such as clothing from Anatomie.


You can choose elegant styles that are both comfortable and designed to travel well, such as the Bri Everyday Essential Tank and the Skyler Signature Travel Pant.

4. Shop at Local Markets

Sustainable travel is about doing more good than harm when you visit new places. While you’re playing tourist, you can contribute to the local economy by shopping at small businesses, community markets, or directly from tradespeople.

Master Sustainable Travel Shop at Local Markets

Such items are more unique and tend to be higher quality, which means you also benefit by supporting local producers, farmers, and purveyors.

5. Volunteer and Give Back

Take your sustainable travel to the next level by finding a way to give back to the local community you’re visiting. Coastal towns may hold regular beach cleanups you can participate in, or you can simply do it on your own.

Master Sustainable Travel Volunteer and Give Back

If you go back to the same places frequently, you can establish a long-term relationship with a nonprofit organization you value by volunteering at shelters, parks, museums, libraries, or places of worship.

Traveling Sustainably in 2020

By adopting a few good happens, such as using public transportation and shopping locally, you are well on your way to mastering sustainable, minimalist travel this year. To get you ready for your next trip, check out Anatomie’s line of luxury travel clothing, from pants and jackets to dresses and tops. Each piece is carefully crafted to help you look and feel good while you travel and explore new destinations.

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