As the cost of checked bags continues to increase, lets face it, we’ve all tried to figure out how to fit more into the airline-approved carry on bags. With only limited space to work with, Anatomie’s line of wrinkle free travel clothes is a great option for packing smart and light, but still staying stylish.

One great piece to bring along is the Harper Wrinkle Free Jersey Jumpsuit. It can easily be dressed up or down, making it a highly versatile piece you can wear to multiple occasions without needing to take up much space.

Sleeveless sleek jumpsuit in black, ties around waist, wide leg romper

The figure-flattering cut will make it look like you walked off a runway, and the wrinkle-resistant fabric will let you roll it, ball it up or jam it into the corner of the suitcase, and still arrive looking like it was just pressed. The sleeveless V-neck look is cool and comfortable in warmer climates, but can be easily paired with a jacket or sweater for colder destinations. This is one piece you won’t want to leave home without.

If you’re traveling for business, or anticipate needing to go a bit dressier while you’re away from home, the Marine Wrinkle Free Wrap Dress is a great option.

Marine Wrinkle Free Wrap Dress in black, three quarter sleeve knee length v-neck dress

It is a slim fit, and features a ruched wrap front without a tie to get in the way, so you’ll always look perfectly put together. The silky, mid-weight stretch fabric not only travels well and emerges from the suitcase ready to take no prisoners in the boardroom, it also rolls up small and light so it won’t take up much room in your carry on.

To round out the ideal carry on wardrobe pieces, you’ll want a few separates that can roll with whatever and wherever you need them for. The Skyler Travel Pant is a full-length, high-rise pant with a slim fit and a straight leg.

Skyler travel pant in black. High rise straight leg pants fitted through hips

The Skyler Pant rolls up small and tight so it won’t force you to choose between the three pairs of shoes you absolutely know you’ll need. The stylish material has an overall slimming effect, and is designed to be breathable and comfortable along with being wrinkle-resistant, so you’ll always know that even limited to a carry on, you’ll have the perfect pant for every occasion.

Finally, you’ll need the perfect top to complete the entire ensemble, and the Cami Wrinkle Free Travel Tank is a great option. It can easily be worn alone, used as a layering piece for the perfect stylish look, or worn with a jacket to dress it up for a night on the town.

Sleek cami tank in navy. Has a rounded neckline and slim fit

To get all these pieces to your destination easily, without taking up much space in your carry on luggage, consider investing in the Packing Cube as the perfect companion to Anatomie’s clothing line.

Anatomie packing cube in black. Double zipper with mesh, soft sided packing cube with handle

It holds up to six neatly rolled pieces, and features a breathable mesh nylon top to make it easy to see at a glance what pieces are packed and ready to go.

The next time you plan a trip but don’t want to plan for a lot of luggage, you’ll want to ensure you have the perfect wrinkle free women’s clothing to take along for the ride. These pieces will all take whatever you can throw at them, and will still arrive ready to hit the streets. You don’t have to sacrifice fashion for space — just choose the right items, and you can always ensure you look great no matter where you are.

What wrinkle free travel clothes do you swear by? What must-haves always make it into your carry on luggage — and what do you find you are willing to sacrifice when you pack light? Let us know in the comments!