How to Build the Perfect Travel Capsule Wardrobe This Autumn

How to Build the Perfect Travel Capsule Wardrobe This Autumn

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28 Sep, 2022

Fall is one of the best seasons for travel. The temperatures are cooler, and the crowds are smaller. No matter where you’re headed this season, your trip should be stress-free and as uncomplicated as possible, including packing. Nothing is worse than lugging a heavy bag through the airport only to realize at the end of your trip that you didn’t even wear half of the clothes you packed. If you want to simplify your packing process, you need to assemble a capsule wardrobe just for travel.

A carefully curated travel capsule wardrobe will have you looking effortlessly chic in ageless, seasonless pieces designed to layer up when you need warmth and stand alone when you’re busy exploring new surroundings. 

What Is a Capsule Wardrobe? 

A capsule wardrobe is a collection of quality clothing pieces that complement one another and are easily mixed and matched to create endless outfit combinations.  Usually a perfect carry on size , with never more than 10-12 pieces to mix and match. When creating your capsule wardrobe for travel, think of timeless, modern classics that fit a variety of occasions. Each piece should be multi-purpose and compatible with the rest of your travel attire. For example, black travel pants match nearly any top and can be dressed up or down. You should genuinely love every item in your capsule wardrobe as you will be reaching for these pieces frequently. 

How Can You Plan a Fall Capsule Wardrobe? 

Assembling a capsule wardrobe for autumn is slightly different than other seasons as fall weather is unpredictable. You might experience a late burst of hot summer weather or early snowfall, depending on your location. That’s why choosing versatile clothing pieces you can layer like a lightweight safari jacket is ideal. Unlike other stuffy outerwear, a safari jacket provides a slim, flattering silhouette without the added bulk. Nothing says fall better than a neutral-colored safari jacket that pairs effortlessly with any essential travel pants in your collection. The autumn season is all about rich, warm neutral colors, so while you may be prone to choose black, grey, navy, and tan, don’t be afraid to throw in some unofficial colors of the season, including orange, red, brown, green and sangria layers. Fall is all about layering. 

Travel Capsule Wardrobe Checklist 

Before you start building your capsule wardrobe, quality over quantity should be your guiding principle. For example, one luxury skinny cargo pant made from luxury materials can elevate several outfits much better than a few lesser pairs. Look for clothes that portray elegance and splendor but feature low maintenance benefits like no ironing or dry cleaning required. If you aren’t sure where to start, search for features like European fabric that dries quickly, doesn’t wrinkle, and is easy to clean. The perfect checklist is 2 pants, 2 tops and a jacket for an overnight carry on . 

Try to adopt a solutions-oriented approach that simplifies dressing, packing, and putting outfits together while on the go. A travel capsule wardrobe allows you to do more with less, so choose your pieces thoughtfully now to enjoy the many exciting adventures ahead. 

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