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30 Mar, 2021

As a female-founded and female-run company, we’re all about women’s empowerment and advancement at Anatomie. We believe that women are the key to the future and always focus on providing opportunities for growth and improvement for the amazing women that work for us and with us.

March issue of Women Leadership Magazine USA featuring the Women Business Collaborative and you: celebrating your work and thoughts on women’s business leadership in 2021

In the spirit of this philosophy, we have a special announcement to make. It is our absolute pleasure to share that our very own investor and customer, Deedee Skylar, has been granted the honor of being named as one of the Women Business Collaborative (WBC) list of 104 Business Leaders for 2021. This exclusive list honors the intelligent and driven women in the business the world that are changing the name of the game, working to craft a more inclusive environment for the generations to come.

Deedee is the acting Global Chair of the Women in Fund Finance, working to increase the engagement, recognition and promotion of women leaders within the alternative investment fund finance industry. Here are some of her insights on the future of women in business leadership.

What does women business leadership look like in 2021? And beyond?

Women need to make decisions about leadership roles earlier in their careers and decide, “is the view worth the climb?” and accept accountability for moving careers for peers as well as reports. Choosing to be a leader is the first decision.

What does collaboration mean to you?

Collaborative Strategy within your business or company includes continued learning both internally and externally. WBC, along with other select groups, give us the opportunity to share ideas and strategies for dealing with plans and challenges.

How important is diversity support in leadership?

In each of my past and current experiences, diversity is an important ingredient and driver of success. I have implemented such a culture exceeding 50/50 of women 40-45 leading global banking finance businesses, and now in board and advisor roles.

What are the three traits you see for women business success?

Recognizing opportunity, partnership, and being both a sponsor and a mentee to other as well as finding your own sponsors and being a sponsor.

What is the most impactful step towards ensuring women’s leadership within a business?

Recognizing talented women and helping them with moving their careers forward by supporting them to take on new challenges even if it means losing them to other areas of your firm or supporting their moves to external firm choices and paths.

Why is women’s leadership critical?

We are naturally more organized, and we know how to compartmentalize our needs and responsibilities, including family, allowing us to realize our potential. I admit there were points in my 40-year banking career where I stayed too long. Yet, I moved my experiences forward and broadened my knowledge with each of the six firm moves I made and always accepted more responsibility given the opportunity.


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