As record-breaking weather has half the nation in a deep freeze, it is a good time to reflect on the clothes that should be essential cold weather gear that anyone with travel plans this winter should have in their arsenal. Anatomie’s goal is to provide travel gear for all body types, heading to all environmental situations; here are a few of the pieces to consider before braving those negative temperatures.

We’ll start with the outermost layer — the jacket. The Marla Neoprene Puffer Coat is a toasty piece designed to keep you warm no matter how frightening the weather outside is.

Neoprene puffer coat in black. Mid length coat for cold weather

Made in Italy, the jacket features warm quilting and a high collar to help keep the snow and icy breezes out, with secure zip pockets meaning you don’t have to sacrifice secure storage on the go while staying warm. In addition, the stylish winter coat has a sleek, sophisticated look so wearing a warm jacket doesn’t have to mean looking frumpy. The heavy neoprene fabric is also wrinkle resistant, so you can toss it in the overhead compartment or the back seat, and know you will be ready to face the elements when the time comes to head outside.

The next layer down would be a warm vest to help keep the heat trapped close to your body, and the Jocey Quilted Vest is the perfect example.

Black Quilted Vest with High Collar. Stylish puffer vest

The asymmetric puffer vest is the perfect layering piece, with a quilted front and back for warmth, and a stretchy material along the sides to ensure it is comfortable and moves with your body — and isn’t bulky or restricting. The high collar can be worn up as an added layer of protection against harsh winds, or it can be zipped down, for a sleeker look. It is cut to fit the body, but at the same time it is designed to be worn over one or more other pieces, making it a great addition to your wardrobe when you’re headed somewhere with temperatures far below zero.

Speaking of layering clothes, a cold weather jacket meant to be worn underneath heavier pieces is the Bailey Mesh Jacket.

Black Bailey Mesh Jacket - Baseball Style zip up jacket for women

This lighter-weight item is a great piece to help keep body heat where it belongs — on your body! The mesh sleeves are breathable so you won’t sweat or get overheated under all the layers, while providing an extra level of protection. The stretchy, mid-weight fabric is wrinkle resistant, and it features banded cuffs and hemline, keeping it stylish and fit to the body. It also has front pouch pockets, giving you even more storage as you plan your winter weather travel outfit.

The layer closest to the skin should be close fit to help preserve heat, but should be just as stylish as the rest of your outfit — and the Kim Mesh-Sleeve Top fits that bill perfectly.

Black mesh long sleeve top

This long-sleeve top is made of an ultra-soft cotton that will feel luxurious even as it helps protect you from the elements. It has a crew neck front and a v-neck back with a mesh overlay that extends down the arms, giving the piece a stylish look all it’s own. If you head inside to warmer temperatures and want to start divesting layers, this piece will look just as sophisticated on its own as it does as a layering piece.

Finally, no winter outfit is complete without something warm on your legs, and you’ll want something that is comfortable and easy to move in as you travel as well. The Aida Lycra Fleece Lined Legging has a smooth Lycra exterior with a soft brushed fleece interior for the perfect balance of warmth and style. Because it is a stretch fabric, these warm pants for cold weather will move with you and stay comfortable all day long.

Black lycra fleece lined legging with button studs on ankle

Whether your travel plans are for business or pleasure, you’ll want stylish clothes designed for cold weather in your wardrobe. These travel essentials will keep you toasty and comfortable while ensuring you don’t have to sacrifice looking your best. And because they can all be worn together or can be layered to fit the situation, these pieces will ensure you always have exactly what you need, no matter if the mercury is showing 40 degrees or 40 below.

How do you plan to stay warm yet stylish during this arctic cold snap? What pieces do you rely on to keep you comfortable and cozy as you explore the world around you?