Best Destinations for Solo Female Travelers

Best Destinations for Solo Female Travelers

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26 Jul, 2019

You can do it. No need to feel intimidated as long as you complete your research. Discovering new places by herself is something every woman should try at least once in her lifetime. You won’t have to settle for another’s schedule or fight for your choices. If your potential companion hates museums or, on the contrary, is addicted to them; if bratwurst with sauerkraut is their idea of international cuisine; if they’d rather search for boys -which will surely alter the vibe of your personal experience...Pack your Anatomie travel wardrobe and flee. On your own. No strings attached. Chances are you’ll meet a ton of people during your trip anyway, if you so wish.

Safety first. Following is a short selection from many extraordinary spots the world has to offer and the U.S. State Department may worry about or not, concerning your security (check the official lists as well as the likes of Travel & Leisure). Forbes points out that 32 million American women travel solo every year.

Solo Female Travelers in Aida Leggings and Parker Bomber

@candywaltrip in our Aida Leggings and Parker Bomber

Indeed North America, say, New York City is conveniently close and at least familiar, even if you’ve never been. It’s also possibly cheaper than Paris. If you want a European feel in our own continent, though, Montreal, Canada has it and so -perhaps more, although not totally risk-free- does Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Montreal by @ericbranover

Out on the Atlantic, Iceland -the original land of the Vikings- urbane but nature-reverent and pristine, is considered one of the safest countries for ladies to wander by themselves (unless you’re really an explorer, don’t go in winter). Norway and the rest of Scandinavia are relatively near across the ocean, sharing many of these same virtues.

 As we have it most of Europe and her cities from London to Prague to Athens, are perfect destinations for history and art lovers, culture tasters and people-watching passersby. By taking just the basic, universal precautions (mind your money, handbag, documents and do not wear your screaming Cartier earrings, especially on the metro) no grown female person would have any reason to be wary.

Rome might be an iffy exception yet most travel advisors recommend her, the Eternal City, as a must-do. Guess casting those coins in the Fountain or tripping because you cannot take your eyes off the Sistine Chapel ceiling might be worth a bit of extra care.  

On exotic mode yet very secure is Costa Rica: a doll-house, Central American country known for its lush jungles, volcanoes, surfing waves and uniquely stable democratic governments. Much to see there and even much more tranquility and relaxation to enjoy.

A gorgeous Costa Rican sunset by @boehlersdayoff

If you are a closet archeologist to boot, skip over to breathtakingly beautiful Guatemala or the Mayan ruins in the Yucatán (Mexico); Tulum and its turquoise waters still stand as the only seaport ever of the “lost” civilization. You can fly direct to the airport in Cancún.

What’s left? Ah yes: Bali, Indonesia, a tourist haven for the young and budget-conscious seeker of drop-dead gorgeous beaches. If you crave more than that, the culture is fascinating.

Magical Bali landscape by @katarina_mandarina

And lastly, Chiang Mai, nestled in the hills of northern Thailand. Cooler, greener, quieter and top-rated for women who want to travel alone and worry-free in Asia. A considerable expatriate community lends a cosmopolitan air to the site of more than 300 Buddhist temples, exquisite vegetarian cooking and various Yoga styles. If you are tempted by these parts of the world, look no further. Hotel bargains are good and plenty.

Solo Female Travelers The Bailey Mesh Jacket
The Bailey Mesh Jacket

Afraid we missed some more sweet places where you can go alone, but there’s simply no time to list them all. Besides, you have to make arrangements. As we always advise, pack lightly and take your Anatomie best. This is going to be liberating.


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