Valentines Day is upon us and if you're anything like me, you're left scratching your head wondering what you should do this Sunday. Not to worry, we here at Anatomie have you covered with a few fun ideas to try out this Valentines day for if your single OR in a couple! So read on and have a wonderful Valentines Day!


If you're in a couple and feel bored by the expensive dinner and a movie charade, try one of these three different Valentines Day ideas! Changing up the routine will surely add a dash of romance this holiday!

1. Go Camping 

If you’re both fond of the outdoors, head to a campsite and try your hand at roughin’ it together. It will provide you with a ton of laughs and fond memories to look back on! Alone with the stars, camp fire glowing, the sounds of nature- it’s hard not to romanticize. Speaking from experience, cozying up by the campfire is as romantic as they say it is. 

2. Drive In Movie Theater 

Drive in’s are the epitome of nostalgic first dates. Plug in your zip code to this nifty drive in locator, hit the road, catch a flick, and fall in love all over again in the glow of the silver screen! 



3. Pack a Picnic

There’s nothing sweeter than an afternoon picnic complete with wine and and butterfly kisses! Check out this guide for packing an adult picnic that will leave you savoring the experience and enjoying a romantic afternoon just the two of you! 



1. Gal's Day Out

Rally the troops, head to the spa, go out on the town, have a girls only house party with silly games, brunch like you've never brunched before. It doesn't matter what you do, as long as it's with your girls and you're having fun!

2. Treat Yourself

The great thing about being single on Valentines Day is it’s a perfect excuse to pamper yourself and not have to worry about what anyone else wants to do. Go to the spa and get the works, buy yourself that purse you've been eyeing, binge watch an entire season of Parks and Recreation and in the wise words of Aziz Ansari- Treat Yourself!

3. Fall In Love With Something New

What have you always wanted to do but felt like you never had enough time for? Take a solo trip, even if it’s just to the next town over. Finally try out yoga or pilates. Take up a new hobby like pottery or rock climbing. Or try to find people in your area with similar interests! Whatever you do, try something new that has always eluded you and you just might find yourself falling in love with a great new activity!




What are your plans for this Valentines Day? Share with us in the comments! Happy Valentines Day!