There's always something that needs to be done- laundry, dishes, soccer practice, errands, getting everyone up and organized and fed and ready to go every day with no exceptions ever. When is there ever time for you? I'm not a mother, but I can appreciate the fact that mothers have the hardest job in the world. You create a human with your body, feed them, teach them how to grow and thrive, and watch over them every day. You sacrifice all of your time for your children. Not to mention holding down a job, finding time for you and your significant other, and snagging a moment to breathe in between. Life is busy for mothers, and that's why we're wrapping up the Female Solo Travel Saga with: Traveling Solo as a Mother! Here you will find the specific benefits of taking the solo plunge with links to mothers who are out in the world traveling alone! Bon Voyage, Mommies!



This is the most obvious and yet the most important benefit. With so much chaos and so many obligations it is nearly impossible to find a moment of peace. If you're feeling stretched too thin, over stressed, anxious, or depressed, a solo trip can help you get back to your happy self. Sleep in, relax on the beach, eat a decadent meal, read for hours without interruption, and indulge in whatever you want. In order to be your best self, you have to make the time to relax and a  few days away is just the way to do it. 

Katrina Carefoot of shares her experience of being on the verge of a mental break down & a solo trip was exactly what the doctor ordered. 

Reconnect With Yourself

Before there was "us" there was you! There is a version of yourself that hasn't been let out in ages. Getting away from your family for a few days allows you to reconnect with the person you once were. It allows you to find that person within you that your significant other fell in love with, it allows you to be the fearless role model your children look up to, and it allows you to work on the most important relationship of all-- the one with yourself. 

Be a Better Mother

You're already an amazing parent- no one is disputing that! However, traveling alone grants you so many opportunities to better yourself not just as a person but as a mother. Ultimately the greatest gift of traveling alone is when you come home to your loved ones. You'll find that you are more patient, more understanding, and you'll have stories that will enrich your child's world view.

This article by Kristin Jackson is a beautiful example of how her solo travel to Hong Kong and Thailand has supplied her with humbling stories of how other children live their lives & her daughter reacts in the most rewarding way. 

Miss Each Other

You do so much for your family! As incredible as they may be, there is no way for them to know your full value unless you give them time to miss every thing you do for them. It works both ways, too. You may not realize how much joy you receive from doing everyday tasks with your children or how much you cherish those small moments with your other half unless you sanction some time away from one another. 

Improve Your Marriage

Some couples swear by solo trips as the key to a healthy marriage. Stagnant relationships are often the ones that do not grow outside of each other. Solo traveling while in a relationship allows us the chance to explore singular interests outside of the unit, gives us conversation when there may have not been before, and grants us access to our inner selves. Just because you are in a committed relationship doesn't mean you no longer exist as an individual. Solo travel allows you to indulge your weird interests and refreshes the person you once were, the person that your significant other fell in love with in the first place! 

It Doesn't Take Long

Most of the Solo Traveling Mom bloggers out there will tell you that a weekend away will work wonders for your soul. You don't have to take weeks or months away from your family in order to refresh your batteries, and I can't blame you for not wanting to be away for very long, you love your family and the thought of being apart from them isn't a fun one. You'll find though that if you take time to be alone in the world, the benefits are extraordinary, not just for you but for your family as well!


What are some benefits you have experienced after taking a solo-mommy-trip? Share with us in the comments!