Our favorite app for wanderlust fashion is without a doubt Instagram. From breathtaking landscapes to flawless outfit of the day inspiration- there's nothing like scrolling through your Instagram feed to spark a little creativity. If you're feed is in need of a facelift, or you're just looking to spice up an arduous commute, log into Instagram and check out these 6 Must Follow Fashion & Travel Instagram's...

Source: Instagram @LIVVYLANDBLOG

Olivia Watson 

Olivia Watson is based out of Austin, Texas and describes her style as, “down-to-earth, comfortable, colorful, and trendy- much like the city I live in.” Every outfit on her Insta oozes with cozy vibes and simple yet stunning charm. Olivia keeps it low key and fabulous, with western flare and an eternal cup of coffee in her hands.

Source: Instagram @SONGOFSTYLE

Aimee Song 

Aimee Song is a travel fashion and interior design style blogger with a YouTube presence and a killer knack for all things chic and alluring. On her Insta-feed you can find excellent travel photos from all over the world featuring Aimee’s outfit of the day and a sneaky nostalgia for all things classic. Aimee keeps us craving for more whimsy, more wanderlust, and more bohemian chic inspiration.

Jessi Afshin

 Jessi Afshin is the epitome of adorable. Her everyday outfits are simple, feminine, and above all sweet. Jessi’s timeless looks are enhanced by the details; incorporating a hint of lace, a peek of tasteful skin, or a whisper of darling jewels- accompanied by an oversized handbag and a flare of color. TheDarlingDetail is classic chic at its finest. 

Source: Instagram @DTKAUSTIN

Ashley Hargrove

Ashley Hargrove’s edgy and minimalist style consists of black and white neutral tones with booties and indulgent poncho cardigans as the mainstay of her Instagram feed. Another gem from Texas’ capital city of Austin, Hargrove’s sleek style carries over into her professional life as a wardrobe stylist and fashion blogger. Her website features a wider range of looks appropriate for any occasion, from high fashion couture to sophisticated urban style.


Source: Instagram @HAPPILYGREY

Mary Seng

Mary Seng of HappilyGrey's Instagram feed boasts modern chic with muted tones and harsh lines to create a unique style. Another student of the minimalist school of thought, Seng’s wardrobe feed consists of modest colors highlighted by graphic designs and a wanderlust for chic elegance.


Source: Instagram @LEPOSTCARD

Stephanie Steinman

Stephanie Steinmann of LePostCard is more on the traveling side of the spectrum with her fashion being focused around her travels. Stephanie’s Insta-feed is packed with travelporn- from the pristine waters of remote destinations to the sultry interiors of luxury hotels- you can always expect to see a tropical cocktail or charming ice-cream cone in her hand.

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