When the Northern Hemisphere begins to tilt away from the sun, you may be inclined to migrate South for the winter. Cue the long and arduous process of seeking out the perfect destination, countless hours of extensive research finding the precise hotel to suit your exact needs, right? Wrong. It may seem a little overwhelming when trying to find a destination this winter, but it doesn’t have to be difficult when searching for an ideal place to soak up the sun. Avoid the headaches by following these simple yet effective tips for choosing your ultimate warm winter getaway…



When selecting your destination the first tool to minimizing your research while maximizing your stay is figuring out how much time you have to work with. If you only have a weekend it makes more sense to keep your travel time as short as possible to avoid wasting precious hours at the airport or adjusting to a new time zone. If you have a few weeks, trekking across the globe is a little more practical of a destination.




Once you’ve figured out how far you’ll be traveling, its time to distinguish a more concrete location. In North America, a quick warm getaway typically sends you to the pristine blue waters of the Caribbean while Europeans tend towards the impeccable Mediterranean coast. For the far-reaching wanderer, the luxurious islands of Southeast Asia, remote French Polynesia, and culturally rich Central America are irresistible. You’ve evaluated your time frame, now hone in on the region most appealing to you and your specific needs.


Level of Privacy

Once you’ve whittled your destination down to a region or country, it’s time to differentiate what level of privacy you would like to experience during your getaway. This often depends on who you are traveling with. For instance, a family of five wont necessarily be searching for the same level of privacy as a newlywed couple. Ultimately, a good rule of thumb is if you are seeking cultural immersion, stay in a bustling city. Thirsting for some alone time, seek out a private island resort.


Type of Stay



When considering your accommodation, evaluate what you want out of your getaway- aside from the obviously warm weather. Are you looking to explore a lively city or relax on a deserted beach? Do you enjoy high-end shopping or would you rather take a rainforest canopy zip-line tour? All inclusive resort, beach villa, bed and breakfast,

penthouse suit, eco-hotel, the possibilities are endless. Your preferences are the key to turning an ordinary vacation into the ultimate warm winter getaway!