Are you wondering what to buy for a friend or family member who’s a travel lover? Whether you’re after Christmas gift ideas, a birthday present or a treat to celebrate another important event, this travel gift guide features 6 suggestions for stylish travelers…

1. Travel-themed home décor

    For the avid traveler, nothing is more frustrating than having a packed work schedule that hinders them from their around-the-world voyage. We recommend surrounding the busy travel-lover with unique travel pieces that serve as a reminder of all the places they have yet to visit. Keep their focus on the next trip by selecting travel-related ornaments or wall art décor to enhance their interiors. Travel gifts for the home can range from antique globes at to customized maps of their favorite city at this store. The customized maps come in bundle deals and are offered in a black and white, or blush.


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    2. Wrinkle-Free Travel Clothes

    If they enjoy travelling in style then why not add a luxurious piece of travel clothing to their wardrobe? Anatomie offers women’s high fashion travel clothes designed with lightweight, wrinkle-free material. Our clothes make the perfect gift for stylish travelers with extended travels and limited luggage space.

    For travelers going on long flights, nothing beats our collection of stretchy, wrinkle-free pants.


    Skyler Travel Pant 

    An article by Lauren West, of Television of Nomads, found that our clothing was perfect for her adventurous travels in the humidity and rain of Southeast Asia and Japan.

    In her blog post, she pays homage to the moisture-wicking and quick drying properties of our fabric, saying that it was perfect for the Japanese rain and, when washed in cold water, could conveniently air-dry within 2 hours.


    3. Luxe luggage

    Stylish travellers love their luxury luggage. When they’re whizzing through airports around the world, they like to do so in style. Besides donning flawless casualwear for an effortless chic look in transit, suitcases, hand luggage and even those smaller items such as passport holders, purses, money belts and camera bags need to be fashionable as well as functional. Suffice to say, luxurious pieces of luggage make great travel gifts.

    Some of our personal favorites include Louis Vuitton’s classic monogramed Keepall 60 Duffel Bag. 

    For smaller gifts, check out Anatomie’s packing cubePacking cubes are a great way to keep your travel clothes organized in your carry-on luggage. Our packing cubes come equipped with mesh panels that allow for expansion and visibility of contents. They also come in a variety of colors. Organize your “daytime” clothing in the beige one and “nighttime” clothing in the dark one.



    To maximize your luggage space, we recommend rolling up your favorite travel clothes and storing them in this packing cube for an organized, on-the-go wardrobe.


    4. A surprise trip

    If you really want to pull all of the stops out for a special someone, consider a surprise trip! The ultimate travel gift for a girl who loves to gallivant is of course an exciting surprise trip somewhere amazing.

    Consider, planning a festive New Year’s getaway to a lively city she’s always wanted to visit, or splurge on a vacation to South Africa for a wild safari ride. We recommend bringing along neutral colored clothing, much like our Kenya Safari Jacket, to blend in with your surroundings. 


    A surprise holiday is the perfect way to get in the good books of a travel lover! And you can go along to enjoy all of the fun too.

    5. Travel technology

    For travelers who regularly have to work on the go, having streamlined technology that isn’t too heavy and bulky is paramount – especially if they prefer to travel with carry-on luggage only. Surprise your stylish traveler with a compact camera for vlogging their luxurious travels abroad. The Canon G7 X Mark II is a lightweight, compact camera that offers 1080 60P and high resolution. The camera also features a flip screen so your stylish traveler knows she’s in frame and always picture perfect! Alternatively, for more adventurous travelers, consider the Go Pro Hero6 – a lightweight, compact, waterproof camera for surfers, campers, jungle trekkers and theme-park lovers. Some other technology-related travel gifts include travel chargers, Bluetooth keyboards, convertible tablets and laptops, kindles, and travel adapters.



    6. Travel Jacket for Warm and Cool Climates

    For the functional girl, windbreakers make the perfect travel gift. Finding a lightweight jacket that is water resistant and warm can be a challenge. Lightweight windbreakers are the perfect long-haul flight accessory.

    The Metallic Travel Merika windbreak is our bestselling windbreaker.

    Unlike other windbreakers, our jacket is nipped at the waist to flatter your figure. Adjustable drawstrings at the waist and a removable hood allow you to fully customize the look of your outfit – keeping you chic and stylish in any weather.

    Windbreakers aren’t her style? Check out Anatomie’s lightweight jacket collection for our full range of stylish moto jackets, classic leather jackets and athletic mesh hoodies here. 

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