Are you ready for a brand new look? If you’re wondering how to change your style, here are some clothing makeover tips to help you on your way…


Find inspiration from style icons

Is there a celebrity whose style you particularly admire? Style icons can provide an abundance of inspiration if you’re looking to spruce up your look and give your wardrobe a new lease of life. Create style boards featuring cuttings of outfits you like out of magazines and use it as guidance when it comes to picking out new clothes. Similarly, Pinterest provides a wealth of imagery to give you plenty of ideas.

Hire a stylist 

If you know a change is needed but don’t know where to start, it might be more beneficial to hire a professional stylist rather than to go it alone without much direction. They’re equipped with expert knowledge to choose clothes designed to enhance and complement your natural figure. They can also help you pick colours to suit your skin tone and provide priceless style tips on how to put together a classic capsule collection designed to keep you looking and feeling stylish every day.


Experiment with different looks

Sometimes, you won’t realise how much an outfit suits you until you actually try it on. So it definitely pays off to experiment with lots of different looks with a completely open mind. Get your best friends together and spend a fun day in the fitting rooms putting a variety of looks together. Take a photograph of each outfit to  refer to later and decide which ones you like best.                                                .

Have a wardrobe clear-out

Do you have an overflowing closet but never feel like you actually have anything decent to wear? Then it’s time to have a wardrobe clear-out. Throw away old, worn clothing, give items that you haven’t donned for years to charity shops and make space for a brand new collection specially designed to make you look fabulous. Try to keep a practical mind rather than an emotional one when deciding which items of clothing to keep and get rid of.

Do your research

Before finding a new look it’s important to know what your natural body shape is in order to select styles to suit your contours. If you’re unsure whether you’re pear-shaped, hourglass, triangle, rectangle or apple, there are plenty of online body type calculators to help you figure this out. It’s also well worth researching different types of styles to enable you to stick to a particular theme that will help you when choosing items of clothing. From classic neutrals to eclectic bohemian to sports luxe, once you’ve defined your personal style, you’ll get into the habit of naturally gravitating towards the right pieces.



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