Anatomie is not your typical travel wear designer. The brains behind the Anatomie look, Kate and Shawn Boyer, have created functional, yet chic travel clothes for women. If you are wondering why you should choose Anatomie over any other designer, here are 5 great reasons why Anatomie is the way to go:

1. Our Distinct European Style

Our founders, Kate and Shawn have traveled the world in search of the latest fashion trends. Their love for travel, in combination with their eye for fashion trends, has greatly influenced Anatomie’s fashion-forward, European style.

The sleek Parisian silhouettes of our Celine Ankle Pant craft a luxury ankle pant style perfect for travel and everyday style. 

We also recommend our Kate Skinny Cargo Pant that fuses chic European sensibility with impeccable tailoring and comfort.

Shopping with Anatomie means that you will be wearing the most up-to-date styles from around the world. 

2. Unique fabrics

We believe that traveling freely is one of the greatest privileges in life. So, at Anatomie, we strive use the most functional fabrics on the market to make sure our customers travel in luxury and style.

Our designs are made from our signature lightweight fabric that does not shrink, wrinkle, or fade. Anatomie has partnered with fabric manufacturers, in Italy, to make sure that our materials are manufactured in the highest of quality standards and produced in limited edition styles.

3. Lightweight

30 Anatomie pieces weigh merely 6lbs! This is great news for the heavy packers. Take the Anatomie essentials and you will never find yourself at a loss for new outfits. Your luggage will never be over the weight limit again! The lightweight fabrics used in Anatomie’s clothing are perfect for traveling. 

We recommend our fashion-forward Kenya Safari Jacket offered in 4 neutral tones, crafted with lightweight wrinkle-free material.


4. Extremely Versatile

With all Anatomie pieces you can dress up or down. Wear the same pants from the Pilates studio to lunch to a meeting to dinner and still look stylish! (Remember to add heels when going to more formal events of course!)

Our sleeveless, wrinkle-free jumpsuit will work for so many occasions. Crafted in a breathable stretch jersey, it features an alluring deep V-neck and wide leg pants. 

Many of our customers can pack a carry-on bag with Anatomie travel clothes and create numerous outfits for long trips. Our pieces are both classic and modern, allowing you to transform business outfits into dinner outfits by simply changing your accessories.

5. Timeless and Season-less

Anatomie style is truly functional. You will find yourself wearing your favorite Anatomie pieces for years to come. Regardless of what you wear, if it is Anatomie it is in style! We use colors that easily translate from one season to the next, and our durable fabric can withstand any sort of weather change. Anatomie pieces will become your go-to style for any time of the year!


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