A Collection of Useful Travel Apps

A Collection of Useful Travel Apps

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29 Jan, 2015

While there is literally an app for every travel need, some of them haven’t quite reached the maturity level required to be more than a battery-draining irritation while traveling. The travel apps below, however, might just save your life (someday at least).

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One useful travel app to have is a  flight tracking app might come in useful for those who get stressed just thinking about a delay in their flight’s arrival or departure time. When you’re picking someone up from the airport, you won’t be getting any email or SMS updates as to the flight’s schedule. So the situation when you arrive at the airport on time only to discover their flight’s been delayed by 4 hours becomes entirely avoidable with a no-frills app like JustLanded for iOS, or the comprehensive FlightView app for both Android and iOS.

FlightView is a travel app that is much more than an airport pickup aid, and will help with virtually anything you can think of regarding your flight. It is also connected to the FlightView website, and your account can be synced between the two.

Say goodbye to your nightmares about delayed and cancelled flights!


Speaking of delayed and cancelled flights, how would like to be able to book a ticket on a small jet through a travel app on your mobile phone? If you don’t already have a personal travel agent then JetSmarter might be just the tool for you. If you’re lacking in inspirational travel wear, have a look at Anatomie’s high fashion travel outfits for some ideas on what to wear for your trip.


Afraid of sunburn in the subtropical climate you’re visiting but don’t want to give up your vacation tan? The Sunscreen app for iOS is a great travel app to remind you to apply more sunscreen before you get burnt, and bases its calculations on the intensity of the solar radiation in your current location and your skin type.

Skin cancer is the most common cancer found in women in the U.S., not to mention that sun damage adds years to your skin’s appearance, so: always wear sunscreen.


Postagram is an extremely handy app to have if you like to send multitudes of postcards when you travel. Simply take a pic with your mobile phone and use Postagram’s service to create a postcard and mail it to your selected address. The only drawback is that it isn’t quite as good as a real postcard with foreign stamps, mailed from within the country youre visiting, but it certainly saves time and hassle, and it’s fairly cheap.

$0.99 per postcard, and an interesting travel app to use.

Google Maps

If you don’t have maps preinstalled on your phone for your destination, one of your best bets is simply to download the Google Maps app, and then download an offline map with which to navigate. Once you arrive, you won’t be needing any expensive roaming data in order to navigate. Definitely one of the most handy travel apps.

Google Translate

Another winner from Google: free offline translation! Spoken communication might not be as smooth as you could hope for, but at least you’ll know the difference between butter and margarine, or UHT and fresh milk when you’re grocery shopping.

Remember to dress for success, and it will surely find you. Buon viaggio! 

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