As with any over-hyped "romantic" destination, there are things to look out for, and those you should try to overlook while holidaying or honeymooning with your squeeze for Valentine's Day. These destinations can be romantic, or they can be a nightmare, depending on the time of year you travel, and the moods of the people you interact with. All we know is, contemporary fashion suits most any occasion, so pack your bags and get on the plane!

Cover Image: Trish Hartmann, Flickr

Venice, Italy

Venice is beautiful, atmospheric, and instilled with history and as such is one of the most romantic cities to spend Valentine’s Day. Winter/Spring is the perfect time to visit, and if you’re lucky you’ll catch the mist descending on the canals. For a true sense of the city’s personality, be sure to amble or float aimlessly through the quieter areas and back streets. Venice is the largest car-free urban zone in Europe, and this means all you’ll hear even in the busiest parts of town are peoples’ voices and the odd boat motor if you’re close to a larger canal.

Contemporary fashion needs: well over half of Venice is composed of tourists at any stage of the year. You will be among a large variety of people from all parts of the globe, and as such there is a truly cosmopolitan fashion sense in Venice. Dress in your favorite contemporary fashion attire for travelling and site visiting.

Cozumel, Mexico

If you’re looking to head to one of the most beautiful, romantic cities in the world then look no further than Cozumel. The blue waters and white sand beaches of Cozumel offer amazing diving and sun worshipping, while the Mayan ruins add a third dimension to the island. Walking hand in hand along the eastern beaches with your significant other, you are likely to be the only two in sight for miles.

Contemporary fashion needs: relaxed and comfortable for the beach and the warm climate.

Carmel-by-the-Sea, California

Carmel-by-the-Sea - Travel - Adventure - Sunset
Image by Waqas Mustafeez, Flickr

If a relaxing getaway is in order, then Carmel has what you need in the way of wine tasting, art galleries, shopping, theatre, spas and beaches. Not to mention the most alluring and cosy atmosphere of just about any town in the world. This charming place may not be one of the most typical romantic cities, but it is inhabited by many, many creative professionals, Clint Eastwood was mayor of the town from 1986 to 1988.

Contemporary fashion needs: practical chic, with layers. Be prepared for changeable weather.

Florence, Italy

A fine mix of old and new, Florence is packed with art and history museums, but also with designer boutiques and cafes. If you need motivation to pay a bit more attention to these historically interesting cities without resorting to guide books or history textbooks, try reading Dan Brown’s novel, Inferno. 

Contemporary fashion needs: Stylish all-day attire, with a couple of accessories for flare. Staring is commonplace and accepted, so don’t be put off when you attract the eyes of strangers.

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Victoria’s double decker buses, horse-drawn carriages and tearooms are strongly reminiscent of Britain, but with a Canadian touch of charm making it one of the perfect romantic cities for a Valentine’s Day getaway. A small laid back city with beautiful architecture and a few museums. What could be more romantic?

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Contemporary fashion needs: Victoria is laid-back city and humble city, which welcomes all styles of dress.

Contemporary Fashion Inspiration

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