When traveling abroad you are usually forced to pack light which severely compromises your wardrobe choices. So, the items that you choose for your holiday need to be the right ones, and at least one of those items should be a dependable pair of black pants.

Here are the reasons why you need a pair of black pants in your travel wardrobe.

1. Black pants are forgiving with dirt

When traveling there is little difference between packing for 6 months and 6 weeks, as you will be re-wearing your clothes over and over again either way. Dark, neutral colors require less maintenance and less washing because they tend to hide stains and grime better than light colors do. However, it should be noted that Anatomie’s travel pants are designed to be super quick-drying, making your life much easier when you come to washing them.

2. They’re a perfect fit for any European wardrobe

Most Europeans tend to like more subdued clothes, so black pants are the perfect travel companion. The great thing about black pants for European travel is that they are timeless and classic and tend to be a staple in most European women’s wardrobes.

3. You can dress black pants up or down 

Black is a color that goes with just about everything, and that means that you can dress your black pants up or down depending on the occasion. Because black pants are so amazingly versatile they lend themselves to a variety of different settings as well as a pop of color: add some much needed color to your wardrobe in the form of scarves, clutches and shawls.

4. Black pants tend to be form flattering

Black pants are not only versatile and timeless, they are also slimming. The great thing about the color black is that it is much more forgiving than lighter hues, it will hide lumps and bumps: this means less chance of seeing your underwear lines.

A few tips to remember when picking out the perfect pair of black pants for you:

  • a skinnier fit can be more flattering around the hips and thighs
  • a front seam that extends from waist to ankle on this skinny pair helps create a long, slim line effect
  • slacks with an ultra wide waistband helps your tummy problem areas disappear.

5. Wear black pants for business or pleasure

Many women might think of black pants as boring: however they are anything but dull when worn well. The great thing about black pants is that they can be used for business and pleasure. There is something sophisticated about this dark hue which makes them perfect for professional wear. If you are traveling and need a look that is a bit more polished then look no further than Anatomie’s travel fashion pants for women. The cut and style are classic and look great when paired with a structured blazer and a silk blouse.