A Message from Anatomie CEO, Kate Boyer
Anatomie Headquarters Update


To Our Friends, Family & Community:

We are facing unprecedented times of change which is affecting everyone around the world. While many may be tempted to step back and be silent, it is during these times that we learn the true value of community and coming together to support one another and build a positive future for generations to come. Anatomie exists to empower and inspire – we prioritize the human, the woman, the individual – any race, any age, any shape, any size. We focus on inclusion rather than exclusion, seeking to bring different individuals together with a common thread, focusing on personal empowerment and a love for adventure and travel. We seek to carry this philosophy throughout all of our practices, from social media to corporate diversity to our day-to-day lives. We believe in a code of ethics that is centered on social responsibility and that covers all aspects of the company, from our people to our brand, from our business to our operations. At Anatomie, we employ and welcome diversity in our hiring and growth process, with a staff that encompasses 13 different countries and 9 different languages as well as an amazing mixture of backgrounds, religious beliefs, ages, genders and skills. We truly value the unique experiences, values and mindsets that each and every one of our team members, customers and investors bring to the company. In addition, our sourcing, production and factory partners are global in nature and work with us to support ethical, eco-friendly practices that reduce our carbon footprint and contribute to the good in the world. We always do what we can within our reach, which is why we are donating a portion of each purchase at Anatomie.com during the month of June to the Equal Justice Initiative, powered by ShoppingGives. To learn more about this initiative, please click here. Let’s continue to create a positive impact and build a better future together.

With Love,

Kate Boyer