Meet The Founders of Anatomie Kate Boyer & Shawn Boyer

Meet Our Founders: Kate & Shawn Boyer

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29 May, 2019

Young designer (Shawn) who would and could design practically any clothing a male athlete requested, meets a savvy, sales-wiz, gym trainer and self-taught women’s sportswear designer (Kate).

Kindred spirits, soon married, become a power couple. They set up shop modestly in a small apartment with a single computer. Yes, they fly by the seat of their pants. But those turn out to be the best women’s pants ever made for the chic and comfort-conscious. Especially for women who travel.

The designer power couple’s shop grows and grows. Famous for an elegant yet curve-hugging fit, perfect cuts and free-moving fabrics.

Shawn admires the great master of the Italian Renaissance, Leonardo DaVinci for his unique pursuit of art, science and function. Much like his partner, Kate, understands the concepts behind DaVinci’s Vitruvian Man. Intended to explore the idea of proportion, the piece is part work of art and part mathematical diagram, suggesting the belief that “everything connects to everything else.”

It is only adequate that they brand their enterprise after one of DaVinci’s passions: Anatomie (est. 2006).

“Our clothes stand out because of the way they feel and fit. We use the finest European fabrics and work with premier factories in Italy and Hungary that have a history of excellence…Our signature, stretch woven fabric is in all our essential pants and jackets, for a perfect blend of comfort and style. Developed in France, it’s wrinkle-free.”

Another decision comes spontaneously: TRAVEL clothes. What the heck, they really make women’s TRAVEL clothing. Lightweight and forgiving for all shapes, sizes and ages which a woman can wear from the airport to a casual dinner. Which will take any distress suffered during the flight with absolute ease and not a scar, not even a baggy knee.

“We believe that traveling freely is one of the greatest privileges in life. Our mission is to become the most-loved luxury travel brand in the world. We exist to outfit the global traveler—and everyday adventurer—in the most comfortable and stylish performance apparel.”

Shawn and Kate continue to create timeless and unique wearable luxury. They travel all over the globe for business and pleasure. They live in Miami with their daughter, Charlee and their dog, George.

The end. Or the beginning of even bigger things to come. Thanks, Leonardo.

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