Are you wondering what to buy for a friend or family member who’s a travel lover? Whether you’re after Christmas gift ideas, a birthday present or a treat to celebrate another important event, this travel gift guide features 5 suggestions for stylish travellers…

1. Travel-themed home décor

Help them to fill their home with inspiration by selecting travel-related ornaments or wall art to enhance their interiors and keep the focus on the next big trip. Travel gifts for the home range from antique globes for the home office to a customised canvas print featuring images of their favourite locations.


2. Stylish travel clothes

If they enjoy travelling in style then why not add a luxurious piece of travel clothing to their wardrobe? Go for top-quality classic clothing that’s effortlessly stylish, versatile and equipped with specialised featured such as moisture-wicking technology, easy-wash characteristics and wrinkle-proof fabric to ensure they stay stylish and comfortable on the go.


3. A surprise trip

Do you really want to pull all of the stops out for a special someone? The ultimate travel gift for a girl who loves to gallivant is of course an exciting surprise trip somewhere amazing. Plan a New Year’s getaway to a lively city she’s always wanted to visit or really splurge with a luxury exotic break to a paradise Caribbean island. A surprise holiday is the perfect way to get in the good books of a travel lover! And you can go along to enjoy all of the fun too.


4. Luxe luggage

Stylish travellers love their luxury luggage. When they’re whizzing through airports around the world, they like to do so in style. Besides donning flawless casualwear for an effortless chic look in transit, suitcases, hand luggage and even those smaller items such as passport holders, purses, money belts and camera bags need to be fashionable as well as functional. Suffice to say, luxurious pieces of luggage make great travel gifts.

5. Travel technology

For travellers who regularly have to work on the go, having streamlined technology that isn’t too heavy and bulky is paramount – especially if they prefer to travel with carry-on luggage only. Technology-related travel gifts to consider include travel chargers, Bluetooth keyboards, convertible tablets and laptops, kindles, cameras and travel adapters.



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