Flying is usually the quickest and most convenient way to travel – especially to far-flung destinations. But hanging around for hours before a flight, even longer if there’s any delay, can result in restlessness. Rather than regarding this waiting period as a necessary drag, it’s possible to use this time for enjoyment. Read on for ideas on airport activities designed to relieve boredom.


Indulge yourself with duty-free shopping

Most airports, especially major ones, have amazing shops selling top brands at duty-free prices. While it’s not practical to weigh yourself down with too many shopping bags, on the way there at least, indulging in one or two items that will fit easily in your hand luggage is perfectly fine. Even if you don’t want to purchase anything, window shopping alone can still be lots of fun and provide a decent dose of retail therapy.


Relax in a sumptuous airport lounge

Trying to unwind on uncomfortable standard airport seating is never going to be an enjoyable experience. However, relaxing on snuggly couches and having access to entertainment options and a constant supply of food and drink makes paying a bit extra for access to an airport lounge an attractive option. These luxe lounges differ greatly around the world. Some include superior features such as spas, swanky cocktail bars and fine dining restaurants. Quite often, frequent travellers who are VIP members of certain airlines get automatic entry to these lounges. 


Socialize and enjoy quality time

Especially if you’re travelling with friends, those few hours at the airport can become quality time with the right approach. Instead of just waiting around clock watching and quickly grabbing food, why not enjoy a bit of socializing by going for a meal or coffee and having a good chinwag? If you’re lucky enough to be in one of the world’s most entertaining airports, this can easily translate into leisure time. Singapore’s Changi Airport has a rooftop pool, interactive art gallery, nature trail and even a children’s slide, Nashville International Airport holds regular concerts for travellers and Hong Kong International has the world’s only IMAX airport cinema.



Get some work done

Free or cheap high-speed Wi-Fi is widely available at airports making it possible to catch up with work on the go. Whether you’ve got a jam-packed email box that needs clearing or simply want to get something completed that will save you time later on, curling up in a coffee shop or airport lounge with your laptop and utilizing those extra hours to get ahead with work makes a lot of sense. This might not be the most exciting of airport activities, but it’s certainly convenient.



Do you have any more ideas on what to do at the airport to add?