Every woman wants to look and feel great in their outfits. If you’re seeking a more streamlined style, here are five essential tips on how to look slimmer by making ultra-flattering clothing choices.

1. Smooth out your figure with shapewear

There’s a massive market nowadays for shapewear undergarments designed to smooth out lumps and bumps and create a smooth, streamlined silhouette. Control slips, tummy-toning tights, high-waisted briefs and thigh-shaping shorts are just some of the options to consider. Shapewear such as this will make you look and feel slimmer and more toned in your clothing. This is an especially great option for if you have a gorgeous dress picked out for a special occasion such as a wedding or awards ceremony and want to look your absolute best.

Draping Clothes

2. Buy the right size

We’re all guilty of trying to squeeze into smaller sizes, but wearing clothes that are even a little bit too small is never flattering. Not to mention, you’re bound to feel uncomfortable. Always try on a few different sizes when shopping to decipher the best fit. If you’re in between sizes, go with the one that leaves a bit of room. Check the standard measurements for individual brands when ordering online. They do tend to differ a lot so get the tape measure out beforehand and compare your measurements to the charts provided on retailer websites to work out the best size for you.

3. Opt for quality, draping styles

There’s a massive different between a sexy, fitted dress and an overly clingy one. If a smooth silhouette is being strived for, it’s important to select top-quality fabrics and shapes that softly drape over your figure in a flattering fashion as oppose to designs that accentuate bumpy bits and even create new ones! Draping detail around the waist and stomach area is ideal for hiding wobbly tummies, while empire line maxi dresses do wonders for softening larger hips and thighs.


Wear all black



4. Wear all black

Black clothing is one of the most well-known answers to the question of how to look slimmer. It doesn’t hurt that this dark tone is also timeless, classy and effortlessly chic. The reason for its slimming powers all comes down to perception. Scientifically speaking, we naturally hone in on lighter, brighter colors making darker objects appear smaller. Black also reflects light less and doesn’t show folds or shadows as much as light-colored garments.

5. Select clothing with illusion panels

Illusion panels are black sections placed on the sides of lighter clothing to create a slimmer shape. Typically featured on fitted dresses but also seen on items such as jackets, pants and tops, this clever design element takes inches of your waist and thighs in an instant.




Do you have any more tips on how to dress slimmer to add? Let us know your slimming style tips in the comments section below!