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For work, travel and leisure, pants are a staple of most women’s wardrobes. There are so many different cuts and fabrics to choose from, but quality styles are classic, versatile and transitional throughout the seasons.

So if you’re looking to invest in a pair to make you look and feel absolutely amazing, have a read through the following tips on how to choose pants that do wonders for complementing and enhancing your natural body shape.

If you’re curvy and want a sleeker look

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Curvier ladies wanting a more streamlined look should go for trousers with wide-legged hems such as palazzo pants. These ultra-flattering and comfortable styles are the best pants for curvy figures. They soften the hips and thighs to form a cleaner, less bulky frame with smooth feminine lines. Straight-leg styles are best for showing off enviable hour-glass proportions in sleek fashion. Always go for soft fabrics with stretch or those that gently drape to skim over curves without actually hiding them. Wearing all black is a beautifully classic way to achieve a more slender silhouette.

If you’ve got a boyish figure and want to create more shape

Slim women with boyish figures and undefined waists can create the illusion of curves by wearing high-waisted pants – preferably tailored style. Adding a belt defines the waist area even more. Bootleg cuts, flared jeans and harem pants are also ideal for slimmer ladies wanting a more shapely-looking figure. Narrow hips and thighs can be enhanced through wearing jeggings and extra-skinny pants. Tops and jackets with peplums are brilliant for adding more volume and creating curves on rectangle body shapes.


Jeans for petit girls

If you’re petite and want to appear taller 

Mid-rise skinny pants fitting below the waist are perfect if you’re a smaller lady seeking pants that make you look taller. This form-fitting cut accentuates the figure’s curves and lengthens the legs. Looser-fitting styles swallow up petite women’s natural body shapes. Straight leg pants can also work well, but very flared shapes, high-waisted trousers and styles with fussy detailing should generally be avoided. Softly flared jeans with an extra-long length that almost touch the ground can work to make legs look longer – especially when worn with heels! Wearing all one colour, opting for darker-coloured pants and choosing trousers with vertical detailing such as pinstripes or a soft pleat will also create a longer, leaner look.

If you want to hide a big belly

Women with apple-shaped figures and larger bellies need to avoid lowrise skinny styles and opt instead for mid-rise bootcut, flared or wide-leg pants that work to balance out the middle region. Team with long-line tops that have a flowy asymmetrical cut. Layering with a waterfall cardigan further draws attention away from your mid-region.


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