Five Reasons Female Solo Travel Rules

Going it alone can seem like a daunting prospect for those used to holidaying with friends, family or a partner, yet solo travel is an incredible life-changing experience that every woman can benefit from. Whether planning a long-term jaunt or a weekend away, here are just some of the many reasons why it’s worth travelling on your own…even just the once!


1. Empowerment

Travelling somewhere completely alone for the first time is scary. But that sense of fear and uncertainty is a strong sign that you’re stepping out of your comfort zone – the place where new experiences and opportunities for self-development exist. Being brave and doing something that feels uncomfortable eventually brings about a sense of empowerment that improves confidence and will make you more open to embracing the unknown more readily in your life back home.


2. No need for compromise

Everybody compromises to some degree when travelling with others. From being dragged along to a museum when you’d much rather head to the beach to missing out on sampling local cuisine because your partner’s a fussy eater, travelling solo lets you do what you want when you want. Having such flexibility over how you spend your time is an incredibly liberating feeling. You can also change your plans at the last minute, roam randomly and be much more spontaneous.



3. You’ll meet more people 

While female solo travel presents a chance to spend time alone reflecting and thinking, if this is what you’re after, you’ll also find it much easier to meet new people. When you’re with others, it’s natural to keep to yourselves to a degree and do your own thing, but travelling by yourself makes you more open to chatting to fellow travellers. In the same way, people will gravitate towards you, feel less intimidated about starting conversations and are more likely to invite you along somewhere. Meeting people from all over the world expands your horizons and makes you more open-minded.





4. Interesting talking point

People are generally fascinated and impressed by stories of solo travel. It makes you seem strong and independent – attractive traits that pique interest. You’re guaranteed to have plenty of exciting anecdotes and inspirational tales to share which provides a talking point that keeps the conversation flowing at social gatherings.


5. Gaining perspective

When you’re with people you know, it’s easy to carry on as normal and follow certain routines. There’ll always be familiarity reminding you of home along with expectations based on how you usually act. Solo travel on the other hand allows you to just be. With no semblance of your everyday life, it’s possible to really clear your mind and perception in order to reflect on things more clearly. This is especially useful when trying to make a big decision free from external influences. 


Have you ever traveled solo or do you aspire to?