How to Wear Colour with Your Neutral Clothing

When thinking about effortless chic European styling, a neutral palette immediately springs to mind. While sleek colours like black, navy and grey along with sophisticated stone-washed shades and ultra-fresh whites might be the key to achieving timeless, versatile travel outfits throughout the seasons, sometimes life just calls for a pop of colour. This is especially the case when visiting exotic destinations around the world with an appetite for tropical tones and ethnic prints.

Classic, neutral clothing actually provides the perfect canvas for showing off a particularly beautiful printed piece. Similarly, selecting an item in a vibrant hue accents the softer tones with a defining pop of colour. So if you’re wondering how to add a bit more va va voom and distinctiveness to your classic wardrobe as we move through the seasons, here are some style tips…


Select just one statement print piece

Featuring multiple colours and prints in one outfit can work if you’re going for an eclectic bohemian-inspired look, but selecting just one statement piece in a bright colour or print lends so much better to clean, sophisticated dressing. Whether you team your favourite charcoal pants with a fuchsia pink top, a black tank with a print maxi skirt or get your colour pop from a vibrant pair of shoes or handbag, a single item can transform your outfit without taking away from that chic, European vibe that transcends trends.


Add glamorous definition with metallic tones

Metallics do wonders for upping the glamour ante of your neutral clothing. A statement tiered necklace or hammered cuff bracelet in gold, silver, bronze or pewter adds a luxurious edge to a little black dress or plain white pants and top combination to take you from day to night in style. Metallic clothing can be used to add depth and dimension that lifts softer neutrals. Gold with beige or silver with white or grey works well. 


Pick pastels for a softer look

If going for the brightest colours is too much of a jump from your usual strictly-neutral wardrobe, consider opting for subtle pastel shades instead. Think blush pink, lavender, cool mint and pale blue. Pastels are perfect for adding a pop of colour that’s understated and feminine rather than vibrant and vivacious.


Brighten up cold, dreary days with a colourful coat 



It’s always fun layering with sumptuous woollens, stylish boots and snuggly accessories for fall and winter. But rather than instinctively reaching for the dark-coloured clothing to match those colder, duller days, why not make the ultimate bright statement in a colourful coat? This means that even when the weather is less than desirable, your outfits will still maintain a sunny disposition! So swap beige for bright yellow, grey for electric blue, brown for bright red and black for plum purple. If you prefer prints, go for a multi-coloured tartan or checked coat.



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