How to Keep Cool in Hot Weather

Feeling the sun’s warmth against your skin in tropical destinations can be a wonderful experience, however too much heat can leave you feeling really hot and bothered or, worse, make you ill. Besides slapping on plenty of high-factor sunscreen to protect your skin from being burnt, here are tips on how to stay cool…


Pick your fabrics wisely

Opt for cooling, breathable fabrics such as cotton, linen, silk and georgette. If you enjoy working out on your travels and getting outdoors hiking, high-performance activewear with moisture-wicking technology keeps you dry, cool and comfortable in hot climates. Chambray, a lightweight cotton fabric, is the perfect alternative to heavier denim.

Now that we’ve got the best fabrics for hot weather covered, it’s important to avoid the worst ones. Steer clear of synthetic fibres like polyester, viscose and nylon that will hold onto moisture. Watch out for cotton-mix fabrics that are not as effective in regulating your body temperature as 100% pure cotton. Besides wearing the right materials, make sure you choose light, neutral colours that reflect heat much better than darker tones.

Always have cover-ups to hand


In the scorching midday sun, sometimes shade is the only thing that will provide any relief. When this isn’t an option, you’ll want to have essential cover-ups on standby to offer added protection and cool you down. Wide-rimmed sun hats keep the sun off your face and considerably reduce the amount of heat absorbed by your body. It doesn’t hurt that they’re also super stylish!



Kaftans and sarongs are must-haves for the beach, while a silk scarf provides a breathable barrier against the sun when traipsing around humid cities. Pure silk naturally regulates your body temperature to keep you either warm or cool as required. 

Stay refreshed 

Keeping hydrated should always be a priority when visiting hot countries or dealing with heatwaves at home. Besides drinking plenty of water, you’ll also want to opt for fruit juices and smoothies that will keep you energized. If possible, take regular revitalising dips in the pool or sea to sooths sun-drenched skin.

Facial sprays can also be a lifesaver for offering a revitalising spritz of coolness when you’re struggling with the heat. Especially if you’ve hired a car and it’s so hot that the air conditioning isn’t effective, these water sprays are a godsend. In terms of food, try to avoid heavy meals as getting your digestive system revved up increases your body temperature. Surprisingly, indulging in spicy food actually helps to cool you down. While your mouth might feel like it’s on fire, hot food promotes sweating, aiding your body in
getting rid of excess heat. No wonder people in places like India and the Caribbean love their spices so much!

Do you have any more tips on how to keep cool in hot weather to add?