Finding even a tiny bit of free time can often feel like an impossible aspiration when life gets so busy with work, family commitments and, you know, trying to get some sleep!

Whether snuggling up with a great book sounds like your idea of bliss, you’ve been meaning to catch up with your best friends over cocktails for months now or you really want to travel more, having time to yourself, even for just a quick hour here and there, is essential for your wellbeing. Read on for some suggestions on how to get more free time in style…

Plan ahead… and make it something amazing!

With so many priorities, having free time to do as you please can fall by the wayside as you work your way through an endless to-do list. But it shouldn’t be this way. You deserve to have time to yourself and shouldn’t feel guilty about finding ways to make this happen. By planning ahead, many months in advance if necessary, you can book time off work, arrange cover and organise something really special.

Scheduling early and getting everything organised means you’re making it happen. So go on that luxury spa break with friends, embrace the ultimate relaxation at a yoga retreat – do whatever makes YOU feel fabulous!


Simplify your beauty routine

Every stylish woman has a different approach to beauty. Whether you love glamorous makeup or have a preference for natural tones, putting your face on every morning can end up taking too much time and effort. However, there are ways to maintain your preferred look in less time.

Semi-permanent makeup is one option that can free up time during those hectic morning rushes. Getting your eyelashes dyed and curled helps you avoid those frustrating moments of trying to apply mascara while bleary eyed.


Go for effortless chic style

If you’ve got a closet full of clothes but spend way too much time finding items that go together, it’s time to rethink your outfits. By creating a capsule wardrobe comprising of a selection of quality pieces that all coordinate well, you’ll find putting looks together for a variety of occasions much more enjoyable and less time consuming.

Opting for stylish designer clothing with quality fabrics that are lightweight, breathable, machine washable and quick drying, frees up even more of your time. You’ll have versatile, multifunctional outfits with timeless, classic appeal.


Hire an assistant

If you’re simply too busy for free time, consider hiring an assistant to lighten your workload or help you with errands at home. While doing everything yourself might feel like the best idea for having tasks completed exactly how you want, deciding to get a help in hand could end up being the best decision you’ve ever made!

This way, you can concentrate on the important stuff and incorporate more free time into your life. Think about the areas that take up the most time and look into hiring an assistant with the right skills to support you.


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