With countless health benefits and the potential to sculpt an amazingly strong, sleek physique, it’s no wonder yoga is such a popular form of exercise.

Whether you practice ashtanga, hatha, bikram, vinyasa or one of the many other types, being comfortable and well-supported in your yoga clothing is paramount. Deciding what to wear for yoga is an important part of the experience. After all, obstructive styles and cheap fabrics that quickly get soaked in sweat and cause chafing are going to cause annoyance rather than help you find serenity!

For both attending classes in your home city and jetting off to a luxury retreat, you’ll want to make sure your yoga clothing is form-fitting and breathable to promote comfort and flexibility when mastering the various poses and breathing techniques.



Yoga tops


Make sure you pick out a well-fitted sports bra providing enough support without being too restrictive. A seamless crop top fitness bra is an ideal lightweight option that won’t dig in, but this might not be supportive enough if you’ve got a particularly ample bust. It’s important to try on a variety of designs and maybe do a few stretches in the changing rooms to find out what works well for you.

Layer your sports bra with a moisture-wicking tank top that’s specially designed to keep you cool and dry when working up a sweat, along with looking stylish of course! It’s also well worth keeping a hoodie on standby to provide an extra layer when practicing yoga outdoors or for a convenient cover-up to wear before and after your class.

Especially at health retreats, enjoying yoga outdoors amid nature is a popular option for getting fresh air into your lungs and enhancing the revitalising aspect of this exercise. But cold breezes can jeopardise your warm up and increase your risk of injury, so being prepared with a zip hoodie makes perfect sense.



Yoga pants


Breathable lycra leggings promote the ultimate streamlined silhouette with advanced flexibility for achieving the more difficult of yoga poses. A favourite fabric among dancers as well as yogis, lycra is form-fitting – moulding to your figure to enhance rather than restrict your movement. Stretchy skinny pants are another ideal option.

If you prefer your yoga clothing to have a breezier style with bohemian appeal, go with harem pants that are roomy and cropped. If opting for full-length yoga pants, make sure they aren’t too long. You should be able to grab your ankles and soles without the fabric getting in the way.  

While barefoot is the usual way to go, there are specialised yoga socks and footwear available if you’d prefer to have a bit more support underfoot or are worried about hygiene in a yoga studio. Check with your yoga instructor beforehand as different classes have specific rules of dress.


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