Making the most of your quality time while travelling means having versatile travel outfits fit for a variety of functions. This is what makes achieving a day to night look so desirable. 

By selecting travel clothing that can easily be styled in different ways, you could save yourself a trip back to the hotel to change or at the very least dramatically reduce the amount of time it takes to go from daytime casual to evening glam! 

And in no shape or form does this get-up-and-go approach to fashion mean compromising on stylishness. Done properly, day to night outfits have an effortless chic appeal exuding pure sophistication and good taste. With this enviable kind of look in mind, here are Anatomie’s top travel style tips…



Keep it simple 

Taking a lead from the most stylish French and Italian women, less is definitely more. Nothing beats understated elegance for providing versatile outfit options that are easy to adapt. Neutral colours and clean lines create a smart casual canvas that can be instantly transformed for after dark occasions with the right accessories and a pop of colour. 

Think smart skinny pants with a sophisticated top. Elegant maxi dresses also make perfect day to night travel outfits that can easily be dressed up with the least amount of effort. 


Know how to accessorise

Accessorising is key for taking your travel style seamlessly from daytime to evening. Even one piece of dramatic jewellery such as a statement necklace or dazzling drop earrings can have a transformative power that instantly ups the glamour ante for fine dining or cocktail hour. 

A silk shawl in a vibrant rich tone is an ideal lightweight accessory that takes up next to no space at all in your handbag. Another way to quickly adapt your outfit for a night out is to replace casual flats with pointy heels or strappy sandals. It’s these finishing touches that polish your look. 



Select quality fabrics

When picking your travel clothes with day to night dressing in mind, the emphasis should be on quality as well as style. Opting for durable, breathable fabrics designed to keep you cool, dry and comfortable throughout the day means you’re more likely to feel fresh after numerous hours of sightseeing.

Especially when visiting places with hot temperatures or having a particularly action-packed itinerary, you'll need travel clothes that will keep you looking and feeling fabulous for long periods of time.





Do you embrace day to night style on your travels or would you like to? Let us know your travel style tips in the comments section below or on Twitter @AnatomieStyle.