Travel pants for women

Designer jeans are so 80’s – Why are you still wearing them?

Worn out holes in the knees and you look cool, but you could look fantastic instead of just plain old’ cool.

Madonna Cargo Stretch Pants

Virtually indestructible and you never have to iron them. Just grab them out of your suite case, throw them on and off to your meetings. After work, you don’t need to change before dinner or going out for a night on the town. These travel pants have a professional looking design, so they fit perfect in the workplace, but are fun and chic enough to make you look great if your out for a few drinks after work.

Our travel pants are a designer jeans upgrade with a half dozen pockets, so if your like most women who don’t want to hassle with carrying your purse into the club, you can simply slip your credit card and I.D. in them, zip up, and off you go.

Wash 100 times without shrinking or fading

Our customers tell us time and time again how great these pants look after 4 or 5 years and 100’s of wash cycles. They simply do not fade or shrink. You can buy a brand new top to go with it after a few years and not worry about the original pant’s color having faded off into the sunset.



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Ultra light – Super tough

Our pants only weigh 6 ounces! These pants weigh the same as;

  • Your cell phone
  • A banana
  • Flip-flops

You might think that since they are so light that they might rip, tear, or wear out fast. We know it sounds counter-intuitive but our new high tech fabrics from France and Italy are like nothing you have ever seen before in clothing design.

Any significant advancement in technology is indistinguishable from magic – Arthur C. Clarke

Going back to the 80’s you could never have dreamed of an iphone, the Internet, or having a 3D TV in your living room.

Our 2012 Madonna Cargo Stretch Pants bring to the world a huge leap in fabric technology, design, comfort, and style.