My husband has a new adventure…

Those of you who know him won’t be too surprised. Since retiring from the commercial world about 8 years ago, a variety of things have attracted his attention for at least short periods of time. So far I’d say his newest adventure is working out well for both of us. He is forming a partnership with Anatomie, a designer and manufacturer of travel wear for women. It’s working out well for him because he gets to look at beautiful women all day. It’s working out for me because every time he meets with the owners he comes home with free designer clothing for me. Maybe I should mention that we’ve been happily married for 18+ years and he is the most faithful man I’ve ever met. Therefore, I’m not overly worried about him looking at lovely ladies in designer Anatomie wear all day. Although I must admit I’ve been a little more careful about selecting healthy items on menus lately.

My 1st Womens Travel Clothes…

After his first meeting with Shawn and Kate, the owners of Anatomie, he brought me the Fiora Designer Active Wear Sport Pant in black. They are advertized as being the perfect travel pants, light weight, wrinkle free and comfortable with designer style and appeal. They seemed perfect for me given I travel about 75% of my time. However, I happened to be on a 6 week travel hiatus at the time so I didn’t get a chance to try them out until this week. I was traveling from Orlando, FL to Pasadena, CA so it was a perfect long trip to try out new travel pants. I could look at them and see they were light weight and stylish but would they be comfortable and still look good after a long trip?


I look pretty good…

I had to leave home at 7:00 am, and I took a final look at myself in the mirror before I did. I had chosen to wear my Anatomie Nina Navy Jacket with my Fiora Sport Pants. As I glanced at myself before running out the door, I decided I looked pretty good. I wasn’t only testing the clothing for myself but I was also planning to ask other female travelers what they thought about the fabrics and designs.

I arrived at the airport fine and my flight was on time. It was my lucky day as I had been upgraded for the entire trip. I was flying from Orlando to Atlanta to Salt Lake City and then to Burbank. With layovers and travel time to and from the airport, it would be about a 12 hour trip. As I got settled in my seat, I noticed that there were only two women in first class, me and an elderly lady traveling with her husband. Seated around me were all men. My plan to ask others what they thought of Anatomie’s styles and fabrics would have to wait until the next leg. Therefore, I turned back into my usual self, opened a book and put on my please do not talk to me face. I’m a quite person by nature and don’t enjoy chatting with strangers when I travel.

On arrive in Atlanta the man seating across from me stood first and retrieved my bag from the overhead bin. Now you would think that would happen all the time; that men would assist ladies traveling alone. Well I can tell you from experience, it does not happen often. Maybe 1 out of every 10 trips, a man will offer to assist me. I don’t expect assistance and I either pack light enough that I can handle my bag myself or I check my luggage. Even though this trip is a 9 day trip, I was able to pack everything I needed in my carryon. This included 3 pairs of work shoes plus my runners. That’s another benefit of Anatomie clothing. Because most of their items are light weight they pack well. I have three Anatomie outfits with me on this trip and they take almost no space in my bag.

I have a tight connection in Atlanta so I hurry off the plane to find my next gate. As I noted it really was my lucky day. It turns out my next fight leaves from my arrival gate. No need to race through the airport. They boarded us quickly but Delta had changed the aircraft and everyone’s seat assignments were wrong. In first class, the couple in the bulkhead was refusing to sit there. The man in the last row was complaining because his seat would not recline. Two other men didn’t have a seat at all. The airline attendants had their hands full. I found my seat okay and had no complaints. The seat next to me remained empty until right before takeoff. Then an obviously rich man in a very bad mood boarded. He looked at me with disgust on his face and said I was in his seat. I showed him my seat assignment and he immediately motioned for the attendant. He told the attendant that she had a problem. She must find him an aisle seat in first class. Now I’m more than a little claustrophobic on airplanes and will normally chose to sit in coach rather than first class just to get an aisle. However, having seen that the attendants had already had about all the complaints they could stand I slid over to the window sit and made room for the rich, ill tempered man.

Again, no women around to critic my Anatomie travel wear so I again stuck my head in a book and tried to ignore the man next to me as he barked at the airline attendants all way to Salt Lake City.
As we prepared to deplane in Salt Lake, the ill tempered man looked at me and said I’ll carry your bag off the plane for you. As I was telling him that was not necessary, he retrieved it from the overhead bin and began walking. Chivalry twice in one day… What was going on? Like I said I don’t expect it but I’m from the South. I admit. I like it.


I still look good…

Outside the jet way, the gentleman handed me my bag and told me to have a nice trip. Yeah now he is a gentleman rather than an ill tempered rice man. Like I said, I like it when a man goes a bit out of his way to be nice to a lady.

OK, one more leg from Salt Lake to Burbank. It’s now 2:00 in the afternoon with a 2 hour time change so I have been traveling for about 8 hours. I have an hour layover so I go to the ladies room to freshen up. I look in the mirror and notice my clothes still look as good as when I left home.

I’m tired of sitting so I find my next gate and stand until time to board. While standing there, I realized that the pants had truly lived up to the hype. Not only did they still look good but they were the most comfortable pants I have ever worn. Just as comfortable as my favorite very old sweat pants that I would never leave home in. The ones with the hole in the back that I refuse to throw away.

Chivalry three times in one day…

The plane from Salt Lake to Burbank is one of the small jets that can’t accommodate carryon luggage so we pink tag our bags and leave them on the jet way. It’s a relatively short flight and we arrive early. As we deplane we line up outside to wait for our luggage. When we retrieved our bags we have to climb a short flight of stairs to enter the terminal. Just as I’m stepping on the first step, the man next to me reaches down and takes my bag and carries it to the top step. Chivalry three times in one day…I travel all the time and very rarely does anyone even offer to help. I’m a bit confused.

I’ve never flown into Burbank before but I found my rental car without any trouble and begin my drive to the hotel. I’m still pondering the events of the day. It wasn’t until I reached my hotel room and looked in a full length mirror did it occur to me. It was the Anatomie designer clothes. I didn’t just look pretty good. I looked sexy without looking like I planned it that way. I looked fit and fresh and I think the chivalrous man noticed as well.

My summary of my first experience traveling in Anatomie wear is this. The pants are wonderful. I don’t plan to ever travel in anything else if my flight is over 3 hours. The jacket kept me warm on the plane without being hot, didn’t wrinkle and looked great. I will say that I found myself tugging at the back of the jacket from time to time. It’s the first time I worn it so I’m not sure if it was riding up a little or if I’m just not use to wearing jackets tailored to form to the body. However, I felt great wearing Anatomie and apparently stood out in the crowd.


Barbara Fox
Senior Director
Oracle Corporation