Anatomie’s – Shawn Boyer gives his perspective and experience on what it takes to be a successful sales partner for one of the fastest growing companies specializing in travel clothes for women.



Long term income from selling clothes

Sales partners make 20% commissions on sales. You also don’t have to pay for any of the clothes. The host gets 10% as a risk free incentive to have the event at their location. There is no risk to them so it is an easy sell.

We ship about 200 pieces of women’s clothing to you, on our dime, and we even pay for the return shipment of the pieces you don’t sell. We even give you 20% commissions on internet sales after the trunk show sales event is over! And that is FOREVER as long as you are an active sales partner.

If you did not just get dizzy or pass out, please read the last 2 lines again.

Can you imagine getting 20% commissions on sales from ladies you met 8 years ago? No one in the women’s travel clothes industry will offer you anything like this.

No one in any business or industry will offer you anything like this.

Last but not least (we hate clichés, it fits) here is another unbelievable benefit we offer you at no cost;


Your own Business. Your Own Web Site. Free.

We build a personal web site for your business, designed uniquely for you to help build your business. We host it for free. And as many free email address as you like.

Sounds unbelievable. It must be a Bernie Mack scam or some pyramid scheme right? Well we don’t ask for any money from you, so it can’t be. (OK, you have to fork out a onetime cost of $50 to buy a couple of clothes racks from Target, because it costs more to ship them than for you to buy them). At Anatomie we might be a little crazy, but it pays off.

What are you waiting for? Give us a try.

Oh yeah, we have a rocket scientist on staff. He is also the chairman of the board of the most successful business school for small business in the world. He charges $10,000 a day, but you get his business consulting for free.
What else does it take for you to jump on board, a free Ferrari?

BTW – We are working on that :)