Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a “Go To” list of essential traveling pieces? Think of how much time and stress this would save you the night before a vacation. Anatomie has the lucky number seven for you!

There are seven Anatomie pieces that are perfect for all traveling experiences. These travel clothes for women bring luxury and comfort to plane rides, tours, days out on the town, shopping, etc. And not to mention, the fabrics used in each piece are lightweight, protective, and resistant; they will endure all kinds of packing strategies.



1) Fiora Straight-leg Pants




These loose fit cargo pants come with plenty of pockets and zippers that make this piece both trendy and functional. The nylon-lycra fibers make these comfortable and light.





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2) Rosella Travel Jacket



This designer active wear jacket will be your staple piece for the chillier days of your trip. The corset and ruffled details in this travel jacket will turn heads as it transforms the typical zip-up into a chic cover-up. You will look bold and confident anywhere you go!




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3) iPod Long Sleeve Top




Want to play your favorite song while you adventure through the town? Simply store your iPod in the sleeve of your top! This cotton jersey knit top is durable and ready to play the soundtrack to your journey.




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4) Monika Short Sleeve Dress





This light summer dress exudes confidence and flatters your body. It is the essential piece for day trips and can easily transform into formal wear. You will feel young, flirtatious, and not to mention comfortable!




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5) Cosima Cozy Cover-Up




This amazing cover-up has numerous hidden abilities. You can wrap it, tie it, untie it, or layer it! It becomes the perfect accessory for any outfit at any weather. The Cozy is light and functional for all travelers.




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6) Paola Stretch Pants




Whether you need gray, khaki, or pin stripe for your next trip, the Paola pants are your pick. These pants will make all women feel comfortable even in the most formal settings. The gray and pin stripe stretch pants are perfect for worldwide business meetings or restaurant outings. The khaki stretch pants are great for adventuring the towns. This piece is made to travel!




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7) Buda Mesh Top




This top really knows how to spice things up! The mesh panels add a glamorous feel to any globetrotter’s outfit. It brings mystery, style, and comfort to all your journeys. The Buda is made to fit the needs of traveling women with is versatility and endurance.




Travel clothes for women are a task to find, pick, and pack. But now these Anatomie tips will ease you’re your pre-vacation stress! Be sure to bring these seven Anatomie travel pieces on your next trip.