Golfing with the Girls: Anatomie Style

Imagine yourself on the green, teeing off to the early morning skies. The sun is out; the weather is perfect, and the girls are golfing. But have you really thought of what to wear on days like these? You better not be thinking of the ugly, old school, grandma Bermudas!

Luckily, Anatomie is here to help you look like the stylish golfer you truly are. As you know, Anatomie pants are the go-to pieces for any event! They are wrinkle-free, comfortable, functional, and not to mention flattering. And if that isn’t enough, Anatomie pants are also UV protected, perfecting your experience out on the sunny course. Here is our favorite selection of Anatomie pants for our lady golfers.




Fiorella Pants

These pants are basic, clean cut, and light. They are also high-rise pants, which gives you the conservative feel you need for golf yet still flatters the feminine look

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Susan Skinny Leg Pants

The best feature of these pants is the cropped length. The last thing you need to be worrying about when you golf is tripping over ill-fitting pants! The Susan Skinny pants are also embellished with sexy zippers on the sides and back. This is a great choice for the ladies who like to gossip over lunch after a great game of golf.







Paola Bootleg Pants

This is the look you should go for when attending formal golfing events. These bootleg cut dress pants have great front pockets and a regular rise. The Paola pants are truly an Anatomie classic that will give you the fitted, yet comfortable look you want.






Cargo Capri Pants

Don’t be alarmed by the “cargo” look! These are not your typical cargo pants: baggy, bulky, and boring. The Anatomie Cargo Capri pants have flat pockets giving you a seamless slim fit. This cropped look is again a great choice for golfing, and the high performance fibers give you the protection and resistance you need to get you to the eighteenth hole.






Choose Anatomie for your next golf outing

Anatomie gives you the modern and chic look you really want when you are out golfing with your girlfriends.  Forget about the tacky Bermudas! All of Anatomie’s pants are stylish and fitting. They are the perfect choice for all of your favorite hobbies, especially golf! We hope to see you strutting the Anatomie look on the green next time.