Bring Home Anatomie’s Famous Pieces

You’ve seen them in movies, on TV, on the radio, on magazine covers, and on ads all over the world. Jennifer Aniston, Renee Zellweger, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kelly Ripa, and Shakira are five of the most beautiful and recognized starlets of this generation. They are each unique fashion icons and worldwide jet setters yet they all share one thing in common: Anatomie! That’s right, ladies. Some of your favorite fashionistas are wearing the Anatomie styles you incorporate into your every day life. These travel clothes are finding their way into some famous suitcases!


The Pants, the Tops, the Jackets, the Dresses!



Jennifer Aniston’s personal trainer introduced Jennifer to Anatomie’s stylish and high-quality designs. They are comfortable and functional for mornings at the gym followed by jam-packed afternoons. The Kangaroo Top is Jennifer’s Anatomie pick! Unfortunately we are not selling these at the moment. But our Trina Top is just as beautiful! It is perfect for a casual but put-together look when running errands or traveling the world. Check them out!





Renee Zellweger has also fallen for Anatomie’s designs. This movie star needs to be put together at all times with paparazzi chasing after her! No wonder she chooses to wear Anatomie’s designer wear Monika and Milly dresses. These flattering yet simple designs are timeless and perfect for any occasion (such as traveling the world to make some great movies…as we all do) Want this fashionable look? Click below to shop and add to your travel gear! Remember we are wrinkle-free ;)





Sarah Jessica Parker, SJP, Carrie Bradshaw. Whichever role she plays, she remains one of the world’s most influential fashion icons. Her glamour makes all designer wear (even sportswear) look absolutely exquisite. This is why we are proud to say that Sara Jessica Parker wears Anatomie’s well-known Madonna pants and Rosella Ruffle jacket. Sarah is not only one of Hollywood’s most revered fashionistas; she is also a full time mom sporting some of Anatomie’s most functional women’s fashion. Get the look now and travel the world with your Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte!






Kelly Ripa is all over your TV, and you can’t help but fall in love! She brightens up your mornings with her impecable style on the Regis and Kelly Show. Her love for fashion shows wherever she goes. Even in appliance and bank commercials, we focus on her sophisticated fashion. Being that she is also a chic but busy mom, she too wears Anatomie’s Rosella Ruffle Jacket. Take this detailed designer jacket with you around the world, and be prepared for endless compliments! Travel gear doesn’t get more stylish than this.





Shakira Shakira! This international sensation has made her way to the top of the charts, and she does this wearing Anatomie, of course ;) Want to guess which pants are her favorite? The Madonna’s! Her Colombian hips definitely don’t lie and she loves to show them off in many of Anatomie’s pants. Shakira is the definition of a jetsetter, which is why our wrinkle and fade-free pants are perfect for her. These sportswear pants have become one of Anatomie’s most wanted designer styles so shop, shop, shop!

Don’t miss out on these great looks. If the starlets are doing Anatomie, then so should you! Enjoy your shopping!