Do you ever wonder where designers get their inspirations? Where their ideas come from?  How they bring their designs to life? Shawn Boyer, the creative mastermind behind Anatomie’s travel clothes for women, has allowed us to enter into his crazy world. Below you will get a glimpse into Shawn’s literally unstoppable mind, and you will learn where your Anatomie clothes originate.


What event in your life made you realize you wanted to be a designer?

Well, I used to be a competitive body builder, and it was impossible for me to find clothes that fit. So I decided to do something about it myself. After the passing of my great grandmother, I was interested in using her sewing machine to make shirts that actually fit me. Before I knew it, I had football player friends asking me to make shirts for them, so I decided to start selling my designs. As I sat in one of my marketing classes in college, I realized that I was already way ahead of my classmates as an entrepreneur, and decided to leave school to focus on my true passion: to be a designer.


What was the first article of clothing you ever designed?

I was actually sitting in my living room in school, and I found an Indian printed blanket. I decided to cut it up and sew it into a shirt. This was the first piece I ever made and now that I think about it…it wasn’t the best looking shirt! My designs have come a long way, and I am proud to be a travel designer for some of the most powerful women in our community.


Who are your favorite designers?

That’s an easy one! I am really inspired by Giorgio Armani, Prada, Etro, and Brunello Cucinelli. These designers have pushed me to create high-quality designs that are functional for our demanding customers. They have also inspired me to take runway looks and create wearable designer fashion for women. Thanks to this, our sportswear has evolved into functional travel gear and has made its way across the globe. Very exciting!


What colors inspire you the most?

I really don’t like to pigeonhole colors because I find that different colors grow on me. I might not personally love certain colors, but once I see them in a design I fall in love with them; and our customers love them as well! This is why I love going to Italy because you find men of all ages wearing the most wild prints and colors. They are not afraid to be bold, and I am very inspired by that. I once saw an older Italian man wearing purple pants; I instantly knew I had to bring back that rich purple color into Anatomie designs. The ladies loved it and the items sold out in no time.


What are some of your favorite fashion websites, magazines, or books?

I love the Close-Up Fashion Magazines. These show you every detail in every design you see on the runway for that season. They have all kinds of “close-ups” like an entire magazine on just jackets or shoes. These are great for creating ideas!

I also really like the Etro catalogues. This Italian fashion-house has some great patterns and designs that bring out brighter colors in my head. Etro has given me great inspirations for our unique line of travel clothes for women!

A website that is interesting is They give you some great tools to help you with things like bringing your designs to life, forecasting the future of the fashion market, and sharing your ideas with the fashion industry.

Another great magazine is Show Details. These give you a closer look into runway shows and the latest men and women’s fashion.


Describe the general process you go through to design and realize a piece of clothing.

Well, I think my dyslexia has really helped me create designs. I think in pictures, so I can touch a fabric and ideas download in my head like a library. There was actually a study that said that people with dyslexia have up to 2400 pictures running through their heads per minute! So this is a great asset for me because ideas come to me non-stop. But I also don’t have enough time to create everything I imagine. Too many designs, too little time. After I see a design in my head, I sketch it out and then work with the pattern makers to bring them to life. As a male women’s fashion designer, I keep my ladies in mind! I want to flatter them with my designer wear and functionally incorporate myself into their lifestyles. In the end, they take me with them as they travel the world!


What message are you trying to convey with your designs that makes you different from other designers?

We work hard, play hard, and travel hard. Our customers are active, physical, and powerful and we love to translate that into our clothes. Anatomie lives for functionality since our customers are running around non-stop all day. Our ladies don’t have to change five times a day to look appropriate. They can simply wear one pair of Anatomie pants and a jacket and fit perfectly into any activity their day calls for. We also love our jetsetters! They have inspired us to create travel clothes for women that make them look sophisticated and clean-cut even after a six-hour plane ride. We have been lucky enough to integrate our brand into the lifestyles of some really beautiful and inspiring women…and they have been addicted to us ever since! Come join the Anatomie world (you will never want to leave!)