The Little White Travel Dress

How many times have you heard your girlfriends talk about wanting the “perfect little black dress”? And how many times have you been to a party where the majority of the women are wearing that little black dress? Talk about a lack of creativity! Let your Anatomie style shine by standing out from the “little black dress” crowd with our Monika dress…the little WHITE dress. That’s right! Be the white sheep in the crowd and make the herd of black sheep jealous.


Take the Monika Across the World

The Monika white dress is one of Anatomie’s most comfortable and flattering pieces. You can dress it up with heels and glamorous jewelry, or you can dress it down with flats and a summer tote bag. Take the Monika with you as you jet set across the world. The beautiful V-neck dress sports flattering short sleeves and a rippled bottom accent. This is a great travel dress because it does not wrinkle in your suitcase! It is the most functional designer dress out there with its lightweight yet resistant fabrics.

You will glow in a sea of black with this beautiful little white dress! Don’t wait for someone else to steal the spotlight. Be a fashion trendsetter and add this piece to your line of travel clothes; take it with you across the globe and listen for compliments right and left (or east and west) ;) Click the picture to shop!