The Anatomie Affiliates Program

Are you a fan of Anatomie’s travel clothes for women?  Do you find yourself talking about us to your friends, family, or blog followers? If so, you should really consider becoming an Anatomie Affiliate. We do all the work and you make the money! It doesn’t get better than this.


Quick and Easy!

Our Affiliates program is perfect for those of you with personal websites or blogs. All you have to do is choose from an array of ads and pictures, place our ads or pictures on your site, and wait for your awesome followers to click! If they end up making a purchase from this click, guess what? You make 20% of the sale…that’s right. If you know anything about Anatomie, you know that our sales prices average $350. Am I seeing money signs in your eyes?

Another great feature of this program is our 21-Day Policy. If your website visitor decides not buy that day, do not worry! As long as they shop with us within 21 days, you still get the full commission.

Once you become a member of this program, you will have access to your own statistics on our website. You can keep a close look on how many people have clicked your ads, how much was purchased, and how much you are getting paid. Easy enough, huh?


Join Anatomie Now

This program is a very simple and great way to promote the Anatomie brand you know and love. Our chic travel clothes for women are really making an impact around the world, and with your help we can set the brand on fire!

Join us HERE and start making some easy money!