Travel Stress-Free

Have you ever had a scare while waiting for your luggage at the airport? You intensely stare at the carousel searching for your treasured belongings, and the next thing you know, they don’t show up! Lost bags are a dreaded traveling experience.

Forget about days without stylish outfits! Pack a perfectly light and fashionable Anatomie outfit in your carry-on, and ease the stresses of travel. Remember that Anatomie designer travel pants weigh only 6 ounces! Your carry-on is sure to weigh less than your every-day purse, ladies.

All you need is a pair of pants, a top, and a jacket. Anatomie’s travel clothes for women will have you feeling like a trendsetter even if you happen to lose your luggage. Go for Buda, Paola, and Rosella!


The Carry-On Outfit

Buda Mesh

Travel light but feel empowered with the Buda Mesh travel top. The combination of mesh and viscose will enable you to transition easily from day to night during your travel adventures.

Paola Pants

These designer travel pants are the best choice for a carry-on rescue item. The Paola fitted woven pants have the right amount of detail to give you the style and comfort you crave. The choice of grey, pin stripe, or khaki will give you the freedom to pick the most convenient style for your trip.




Rosella Ruffle Jacket

This trendy ruffled jacket is a must for carry-on outfits! It gives you the added elegance you want when traveling the country or the world. Pair it with the grey or black Paola pants and the black Buda Mesh top and you are set (regardless of where your luggage may end up). The Rosella Ruffle is stylish and lightweight; why wouldn’t you bring this wherever you go?

Pack Anatomie’s Travel Clothes

The next time you plan a trip, make sure to pack Anatomie’s Carry-On Outfit. It will save you the hassle that comes with missing bags, and will not weigh you down. Not to mention, this will be the most stylish option for women jetsetters across the world.